Do you always find yourself questioning your worth?

Do you always find yourself questioning your worth? Do you always feel anxious, depressed and feeling like the people around you did not approve of your achievements and milestones in life? Do you feel like you need to get out of this system and have the clarity and peace of mind that you need? There are two questions that you can start answering to help you have better trajectory and direction in life.

Who am I? What am I? These are the guiding questions for you. If you can understand and disclose the solution to these questions, it will relieve us of your anxiety. It will make things clearer and improve your mental wellbeing.

By understanding who you are, you will no longer have to crave approval from other people, because the only person we need approval of is ourselves. If we have approval from ourselves then there is no need to seek or crave for the approval of the people around us.

When we know ourselves, we can also save ourselves from mistakes, enrich our life's planned direction and improve our mental wellbeing Once we move in this direction we will be able to access within us, our abilities and hidden talents. It is a process of discovery wherein we get to understand ourselves deeply and reveal things in us that we never realize what we have or what we can do. It makes us more able.

To answer these questions, it is important to spend time focusing inward and how things are going and operating, examining ourselves and how we focus doing things inward; contrary to what we always do which is to focus more on the outward than inward.

If we learn to focus inward, we can undo the obstacles and blockages and speed bumps that we often hit in the outside world. Remember that everything begins in the invisible realm and has the ability to create our ideas and imagination to our thoughts. It is important not to be identified with that process, but to be aware of it and to be aware of ourselves and our selfness at the same time.

To bring that capability of the thought creative process in the mental realm will allow you to control your mind and your inner self to work together as a team and to achieve more. It is important to be the observer of the mind and to begin to realize and recognize how identified you will become with the mind. That recognition of how identified you will become with the mind is the first step to the detachment of craving for other approval and the road to freedom, clarity and a life free of anxiety, stress and depression.


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