This is a channelled distance healing meditation, Vibrational Alignment realigns the emotional balance, releasing physical or emotional pain, with the use of channelled energy.

Emotional Memory when not released is stored in our cells, for example - Anger, Rejection and failure is sorted in our liver. Since each organ has a vibrational frequency, as do emotions. The emotions will settle in an area with a corresponding frequency. Illness can occur when the body’s vibrational frequency drops below a certain point. Vibrational Alignment raises the vibration in the body.

Chew Yin will guide you to recognise the triggers your body is telling you, so you may better manage your well being, emotionally and physically.


• Better Sleep
• Reduce Stress and Anxiety
• Balance and Realign the Energy Centres
• Emotional Well-being and Release
• Managing Grief and loss


Our Therapists

Chew Yin Chan