Utilising the power of hypnosis to overcome restrictive beliefs that get in the way of our happiness is another way to give yourself a mental-detox, which can yield many positive side effects, emotionally, physically and mentally/psychologically. Hypnosis is also a very effective tool to help with problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. It has uses in the medicinal arena too, and has been used for conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hypertension, Tinnitus, Pain Relief, Asthma and Insomnia amongst others. >Hypnosis isn’t just for people with serious health problems; it can be used to improve general health and well-being too. Since hypnosis is a deeply relaxing state, it effectively clears away mental clutter, allowing us to think and function more clearly increase energy, boost the immune system and helps us to heal more efficiently.

Connect with your inner creative source and abilities and capabilities; increase intelligence, intuition and IQ.

Additionally, the MeManagement Power Manage Yourself program works with mind mapping models and self-mastery tools so you can control your emotions before they control you. Join us for the next PMY level one workshop over two Saturday mornings- Jan 30 and Feb 6 – to start the new year with a fresh perspective.

Contributed by Aldo Privileggi and Linda V. Fancy.