Craniosacral & Lymphatic Therapies for Long Covid Symptoms

Due to the current omicron peaking situation, everyone in Hong Kong is under enormous stress. Our automatic nervous system is bombarded by the news day and night. Many people are suffering stress, anxiety, insomnia and even depression.

Other than poor diet and overexposure to environmental toxins, lack of sleep, dehydration, stress, emotional trauma, infections, and lack of movement can stagnate the lymph flow. If the lymphatic system is compromised, the immune system is compromised. This is where a combined craniosacral and lymphatic drainage therapy comes in. Having a combined craniosacral and lymphatic drainage session will help to regulate the automatic nervous system and enhance the immune system to support our mental and physical state at the same time.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy‘s Critical Role in Covid Prevention and Long Covid Symptoms Treatment

Having strong immunity is the best defense that we can have to fight off omicron. From covid prevention to managing covid and long covid symptoms, the lymphatic drainage therapy is truly helpful. Our lymphatic system’s main function is to flush out microbes that do not belong in our system. It also hydrates our body tissue to ensure that it functions well. Lymphatic drainage therapy is effective to draw out inflammation and restock the cells as to what they need to function optimally. These are just a few reasons why we should not take our lymphatic system for granted.

A team of medical practitioners from the St George’s University Hospitals in London discussed in the British Medical Journal the critical role played by a healthy lymphatic system in strengthening our community’s response to covid threats. The group also tackles its importance to the successful transportation and processing of covid-19 vaccines in our tissues.

“The immune system does not develop in anatomical isolation. Its development is inherently linked to that of the lymphatic system. Furthermore, its function is synergistically linked to lymphatic activity. With on-going research, we are now slowly appreciating how important the lymphatic system is for generating and sustaining immune responses,” the team says. Without a healthy functioning lymphatic system, we can fall into the group of people that are most at risk for having covid-related complications.

Along with healthy eating, regular muscular movement and good quality of sleep, undergoing lymphatic drainage massage is important to eliminate all the toxins in your body and keep the immune system strong to prevent infections. As for those who were already infected by covid, the massage also helps to address common omicron symptoms which are extreme fatigue, body aches and pain, brain fog due to stress and anxiety.

Craniosacral Therapy and Its Importance to Long Covid Symptoms

Some covid patients recover from covid infection fast. However, there are quite a high percentage of patients who suffer from long covid symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and others even six months after the onset of the infection. A recent University of Michigan study of more than 886,000 participants showed that over 40% of those who were infected by the virus worldwide reported long covid syndrome. How can craniosacral therapy help them?

Craniosacral therapy is an effective hands-on holistic treatment to help us alleviate headaches, pain and other physical ailments. In our clinical practice, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage therapy expert Michell See recommends the combination of these two treatments to address covid symptoms. Why? Because covid is more than just a physical issue. It has mental or emotional impacts that these two treatments can address.

Pain, fatigue, discomfort, brain fog, sleep disturbance; these are common long covid symptoms. Covid causes dysfunctions in our autonomic nervous system which explains the development of these symptoms. During one’s covid infection, the nervous system is in a state of fight or defense. This is where craniosacral therapy helps.

Craniosacral therapy involves gentle manipulation of the connections between the head, neck and spine. It works to adjust the cranial bones and restore the balance in the system. Its effectiveness is further boosted when done in combination with lymphatic drainage therapy which targets immunity boost in covid patients.

Having a healthy body and mind is important in this challenging time. With holistic treatments like lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapies, our entire body will be in a homeostatic and repair state, giving it a better chance of fighting off any harmful virus or bacteria inside and around us.

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