Clinic Manager

At Balance, Business is a Practice

Balance Health is Recruiting for a Clinic Manager

a way of practice

You are not looking for a job, not even a career, not even a calling, but a way to be of service and a way of practice, practice beingness, presence, wisdom, compassion and mastering at every moment.

support the journey

Balance Health exist to support people in their journey toward health, balance and personal transformation, to raise the consciousness of each individual and the society. We practice bringing transformation to our own life, raising our own consciousness and then share our practice with our clients and our community


With your contribution Balance Health is truly more than a natural holistic clinic; It is a sanctuary for people to heal, to transform, to become the best version of themselves. Together with your team you create a beautiful space for customers, practitioners and all of us working here.

challenging role

The role of the clinic manager for Balance can be challenging. But you take it on with ease and grace as you have the natural gifts to operate a clinic and you are deepening your practice with us every day.


If you would like to join us in this practice, if you share our passion, if managing a clinic feels natural to you then please read further what we would like you to create. 

I am so Grateful for Everything You Help to Create

For our Customers

1. You are Holding the space of unconditional love and compassion at every moment of interacting with the customer

2. Each enquiry is in good hands and responded to in a timely manner

3. Our customers love to commend us for our great service, and our bookings are handled in the most correct manner

For our Practitioners

1. You really understand the needs of a practitioner and support them to perform their art

2. As a practitioner team we have become experts to collaborate for the holistic benefit of our customers

3. You are truly helping the practitioners to spread the word, to make their magic known

For the Space

1. You have a good eye of the clinic and ensure a beautiful healing space in each room and at every corner.

2. You keep everything in great order.

For the Community

1. You have great event management skills to manage events big or small and support a growing community of people who embark on their journey to health, balance and personal transformation

2. You spread words of our healing arts, share knowledge of natural health and introduce various tools to improve our mind, body and spirit though social media channels

For the Team

1. You role model the professional to the team. You are a high performer but not a superman/woman, but we do like how you set the standard high

2. You don’t achieve all the above alone but with a small team of beautiful people who share the same passion, who always come from a good intention but might not always have all the experience and skills already. But it is you who brings clarity, sets standards, trains people and works with them to achieve.

3.You are able to grow and support people but at the same time you don’t shy away when the standards are not met because it’s the opportunity for your team members to grow and for Balance to improve.

For Me

1. We have built a great partnership. My role as a CEO for the Balance group is to continue holding and leading the vision, to define the strategy, to plan for the next creation, to build strategic partners and to coach and nurture the team.

2. I am a big picture, visionary person and my strength certainly lies not in the details and running the operations of a clinic is not my strongest muscle. My genius is in coaching, nurturing and bring the best out of people; to create and monitor processes and procedures drains my energy.

3. Your attention to details, systems and execution has made us two a great team that complements each other. You have freed me of the tasks that don’t suit me, and as a result I have been able to be of better service, be more in my zone of genius and be more powerful in my creation.

We love how you embrace and live our core values every day

T.A.O: Transparent, Authentic, Open
Above the line: Solution oriented rather than problem oriented. When there’s an issue you approach it with curiosity, understanding, responsibility, seeing possibility and solution rather than blame, excuses, denial, doing nothing or see failure

Personal growth: a dedication to our own personal growth is one of Balance’s core values. I will always support you in your personal and professional development. I’m committed to coach and support my team members to truly become who they are, to dream bigger, to achieve more.

Love & respect: everything we do from our interaction with our clients to our interaction with each other is characterized by a strong sense of love and respect for each other

Be the change – live it to give it: you live a healthy life style, you are mindful and live consciously

T.E.A.M: together everyone achieves more


The Key Qualities that Make You Excel

Systems and standards: you create systems and standards to ensure the clinic runs smooth and efficient
Proactive: You are a person who can plan ahead, see potential hurdles and prevent issues before they happen
You are THE organizer who’s super organized and efficient, great at details and understands the big picture
You are great at customer service, enjoy interacting with people, radiate love and care, encourage and inspire people at the right moment
Excellence in communication: you know what needs to be communicated and you are very efficient in your communication.
Knowledge and experience on marketing, SEO, social marketing to help us to spread the word.
Business is a practice. It’s such a beautiful journey practicing together with you. And I am so grateful that together we can bring Balance to the next level, having a bigger impact.

- Judy Xu

If you feel this is you and believe you can be the one who will bring Balance to the next level send your application to,