Yonanda Doornmalen

“This was the most amazing experience I have encountered at Balance Health with Victor Geronimo”

“I recently had a fall and hurt my rib, it was very painful to lye down and get up. Victors amazing work, using a combination of Integrative Manual Therapy and The Yuen Method cleared all the pain and healed the bruising. The pain has stayed away as if it had never been there! So whenever I have a discomfort or injury Victor is THE MAN to see!”

Layla Keith (14), Hong Kong

“I had a EFT-session with Ling-Yee until the pain went away”

“I was encountering some serious headaches/backaches that would bug me throughout the day. Luckily Ling-Yee was there to help me with the pain. She explained to me what EFT and “tapping” was. We sat down and I had a session with her until the pain went away. This method for pain relief was interesting as well as effective. After a few minutes I could already feel my pain subsiding. I strongly recommend this to anyone dealing with any kind of pain in the body that is bugging them. Ling Yee is very generous and is always there to help you when you are in need of natural remedies.”

Amanda Pratt

“A very calm and welcoming place, with incredibly friendly, understanding and professional staff”

“My children and I have all had very positive results after our treatments at Balance. Due to a serious accident, I have suffered from intense back and shoulder pain for several years, but since undergoing IMT and more recently the Yuen method. I am virtually pain free. My children now sleep through the night (a huge bonus!) and are less prone to coughs and cold since they started taking Bush Flower Remedies. Physically and mentally, I feel much stronger and have recommended Balance too many of my friends. It is a very calm and welcoming place, with incredibly friendly, understanding and professional staff.”

Mrs J Leiper

“I am now 2 months on from the treatment and still pain free!”

“I visited Ling Yee back in November 2015. I suffer from a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. I’ve had this condition for 20 years. One of my issues with it is the intense and constant muscle pain. When i visited Ling Yee for a session of EFT/Marix Reimprinting I was experiencing a very sore area around my left shoulder. To be honest I wasn’t entirely expecting this to work, however, being as this was a great source of discomfort to me I decided to give this method a try. I followed Ling Yee’s instructions of tapping various energy points and repeating what she said whilst tapping. After feeling a bit silly, I realised that the pain in my left shoulder had eased. By the time my session had finished the pain had gone completely and I had full range of motion without any twinges. I am now 2 months on from the treatment and still pain free! I would strongly advise seeing Ling Yee and approach the session with an open mind. I am hoping to see her for another session when I can get back to Hong Kong. ”


“Michell helped relieve pain in my neck, shoulders and spine”

“Michell helped relieve pain in my neck, shoulders and spine and I truly believe she has “magic fingers”. Everyone I came in contact with at Balance Health were very friendly and professional and found the location very convenient.”

Cassie Lau

“My whole body is relaxed and has energy to do lots of things again.”

“I have chronic back pain working in high stress banking environment feeling nervous all the time. Found TRE can tackle my back pain problem relaxing very deep muscles that even a massage cannot go as deep into. Since I have practised TRE, my normal nervous shaking is gone, I sleep better at nights, and feel that my whole body is relaxed and has energy to do lots of things again. Most importantly, I enjoy TRE (it is not as scary as it looks like!)”


“All the pain gone. I could walk properly.”

“After the operation of cardiac stent, my back was very pain and no strength to stand and walk properly. After a few sessions with Catherine, all the pain gone. I could walk properly. For me, the impression was very strong.”

Conrado B.

“After the first Reiki session with Edward I felt relief from knee joint pain”

“I did not know very much about Reiki and did not know what to expect. After the first session I felt relief from knee joint pain I had suffered from for many years. There was also a marked improvement in my overall well-being.”


“After my first intensive BodyTalk session with Angie, the pain almost disappeared”

“I started seeing Angie for my slipped disks (C4, C5 and C6) injury. When I visited Angie the first time I was taking strong painkillers during the day and night, my right arm was tingling and I couldn’t sit for more then a few minutes.
After my first intensive BodyTalk session with Angie, the pain almost disappeared and by 3rd session I stopped taking painkillers. The tingling in my arm vanished. Within a few weeks I was back to normal with the strength and flexibility of my arm and completely pain free.
I had enlarged Cyst in breast and menstrual problems, which I felt in two sessions Cyst almost disappeared and discomfort in breast vanished.
BodyTalk treatments with Angie worked amazing to address my slipped disk, cyst in breast and menstrual problems.”

Celine M.

“I felt the benefits after few sessions: physical pain relief and clearer mind”

“Being a working mum myself, I had a hard time to manage work pressure+ family life balance. I started to somatize, and got strong back pain, felt pressure in teeth, became too emotional… I couldn’t really ‘relax’. Anne helped me to reconnect to myself, through a sensitive & compassionate approach. Her practice of Somatic Experiencing, Tibetan singing bowls and Dynamic meditation are amazing and deeply efficient. I felt the benefits after few sessions, physical pain relief, clearer mind… It’s been very helpful to me, as well as a great human experience. I warmly recommend her talents, I think we all deserve it!”

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