“Aurelia has been the only one to assist me finding a restorative and deep sleep again.”

“For the past four years, I have never been able to find a good and deep sleep. It became a kind of habit and last year, I decided to capitulate and consider these sleeping troubles as normal. After consulting several Therapists, I met Aurelia and thanks to her Reiki and Lithotherapy, she has been the only one to assist me finding a restorative and deep sleep again.”

Maggie H.

“I was finally able to sleep well”

“After a session of Reiki with Edward, I was finally able to sleep well that night. I was going through a lot and quality of sleep meant a lot to me.”

Macarena Olazabal

“Anne has been a very positive and crucial support”

“I have been Anne’ patient for over 4 years now, as soon as I arrived to HK. I had a previous very positive shiatsu experience in Europe which made me look for shiatsu practitioners in HK. I must say that Anne totally contributes to my balance allowing me to get through tough periods of stress and solve sleeping problems periods. I totally recommend Anne for her talented shiatsu skills where both aspects, physical and psychological, are taken into consideration. Her availability to listen to you and to your body makes her practice a real need for me. Having gone through 2 pregnancies, Anne has also been a very positive and crucial support. I can say today that Anne is a key person in my HK life and can only deeply and truly recommend her and her practice to anyone.”


“My sleep has simply become fantastic, very smooth.”

“Thank you for all your support, for listening and the sound, professional advice. This is all so positive! I look forward to the next session. My sleep has simply become fantastic, very smooth. I have been doing really well physically, sleeping well, feeling rejuvenated and very grateful and in awe of how you helped me. (Insightful Meditation-Healing Work with Elena)”


“Our daughter already reports sleeping better with no nightmares”

“Thank you Ling-Yee for your wonderful aromatherapy products. We appreciated your prompt and kind service. Our diffuser and aroma inhaler arrived two days ago and our daughter already reports sleeping better with no nightmares, and found using her inhaler during the day helped her through a particularly stressful day.Thank you and best wishes!”


“After one session with Aldo I have been sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night and it is continuous sleep.”

“I had heard of Aldo through my son whom had met out of it during lunchtime where they happen to be sharing the same table together. They struck up a conversation which led to my son revealing his three-year struggle with insomnia. Well, Aldo offered to help him there and then. My son had previously tried many things to help his insomnia but with no success, so he jumped to this offer and chance. The next morning my son told me about what had happened and that he had slept all night and woke up feeling great the next day for the first time in three years. Apparently Aldo led him into a hypnosis trance whilst they were at the lunch table and solved his insomnia is to within 30 minutes. At the lunch table even with all the outside noise and activities going on and around. Well, I wasn’t convinced that he was cured completely until one week later when he was still sleeping great and he was looking more healthy and fresh. I had not done any hypnosis before and I really didn’t believe in it but I could clearly see that it had worked on my son. I had been suffering with insomnia for 20 years and high had not been able to sleep more than two hours per night. My son and I run a business together and my health had been suffering as a result and I was just feeling worn out and tired. I was really ready to give up and try anything at this stage. Two weeks later I called Aldo and explain about my son’s success with you and asked if he would be willing to work with me. He was very polite and I felt an instant comfort when I was speaking with him. I could feel that he knew what he was talking about and it was reassuring. Anyway, I had one session with Aldo then and that was two months ago. Since then I have been sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night and it’s continuous sleep. I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night anymore. I am so happy with the result I just wished I’d had it done this years ago. If you suffer from insomnia don’t let it drag on it doesn’t get better by itself trust me I know. ”

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