“Nancy had completed a short program with Dr Ruth Lee and broke the good news 3 months later”

A consultation on acupuncture and Chinese medicine for Fertility/IVF support by Dr Ruth Lee New customer Nancy came to see Dr Ruth Lee at Balance Health clinic. She was going to have her 3rd round of IVF 2 weeks later. She had never tried acupuncture before but she researched about it on the internet and found that it may help to increase the chances for a successful pregnancy. Nancy was curious to know how Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help with the positive outcome of IVF.

Dr Ruth Lee summarized the benefits as below:

  • Improve egg quality and quantity
  • Increase the thickness and quality of the endometrium lining to support embryo implantation
  • Facilitate normal ovulation and menstrual cycle
  • Improve men’s sperm quality
  • Relieve adverse reactions from the hormonal stimulations during the IVF process

The consultation lasted for 30 minutes to understand the client’s medical history and the process that she went through in the past months. After gathering all the details of Nancy’s daily life, including her favorite food to her bowel movement. Dr. Ruth conducted the unique pulse and tongue diagnosis for Nancy. Nancy was a constitution of kidney essence deficiency which made it difficult for her to conceive naturally.

Dr. Ruth explained that the result would be better if Nancy could include Chinese herbs 3 months before the eggs collection. A treatment plan was customized for her to improve the success rate for the IVF transfer. The program included acupuncture, moxibustion, ear-seeds treatment and sound healing with Tibetan singing bowl.

Nancy then experienced her first ever acupuncture session of IVF support by Dr Ruth. She felt very relaxed and confident after the treatment. She felt her energy flow smoothly and the warmth all over her body and followed by a sounding sleep the night after the treatment.

Nancy had completed a short program with Dr Ruth Lee and broke the good news 3 months later.

“It’s a baby boy!”

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