“It’s been 6 weeks since I had a cigarette and I’ve had no nicotine gum either”

“Aldo, I must thank you again as it’s been 6 weeks since I had a cigarette and I’ve had no nicotine gum either! I was at a party on Friday where half the people were smoking. I was drinking alcohol and in that situation I would normally smoke several cigarettes but I had no desire whatsoever. You’ve definitely blocked out something. I feel so good as well. No cravings or anxiety. I would definitely recommend you! I’m so pleased. I don’t think I will need another session, as I can’t imagine I will ever smoke again. But if I can decide which other bad habits I need to give up I will let you know!”


“My sessions with Aldo was totally relevant to my life”

“Prior to meeting Aldo, I had no interest in hypnosis/hypnotherapy at all, I wasn’t even skeptical, it was just that hypnosis and hypnotherapy simply meant nothing to me. Aldo quickly put me at ease and I agreed that I would go along with all the asked of me during the session. In reality, I was expecting nothing. I thought, if it works, then good and if it doesn’t well that’s okay too. So I was willing I guess, and in a sense open, but had no expectations. When the session started I was immediately impressed with how those approach to what soon became apparent as an intimate time of sharing one’s inner life. That relax me a lot and helped me to open up to the process. He also helped me to feel very comfortable and explained that he was not going to lead me into any situation that was beyond what I felt was appropriate or that I had no control over. During the first session Aldo was careful to explain proceedings to me in great detail. When we started the session, he led me instantly into a deep hypnotic state. Lost I was in that state he guided me through a significant experience that was completely unexpected, but completely relevant to my life and where it was up to and at that moment. I was well aware of what was happening at all times, although I was under. Dealing with this issue was timely and had a profound impact on me, much more than he could have known. The relevance of this time without the was pivotal to so many of the issues I was facing in moving on with my life. In fact at key to a release into a freedom I had not been striving for. I’m sure this first session set a foundation for the following sessions allow for the time together working on other areas of my life. I am truly grateful for this experience. Actually, it’s more than that. My sessions with Aldo was totally relevant to my life. I feel empowered that some negative issues were dealt with in that some positive reinforcement was given to me in order for me to feel confident in moving ahead. I feel that I gained so much, so therefore I am grateful that I was enriched by this experience. I cannot thank Aldo in off, and would like to finish by saying that all times he was professional, considerate and insightful.”

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