Chronic Fatigue Tips from Dr. Grace

Treat chronic fatigue syndrome with Chinese Medicine

So what is it? “Chronic fatigue syndrome” is the body in a state of unrest, due to the accelerated pace of life in modern society, long-term mental and psychological stress and overworked liver qi stagnation, and spleen and kidney qi deficiency. It usually lasts for more than 6 months, and fatigue reduces the body’s activity to more than half of its normal state. Some people have the following symptoms in their daily routine:

1. Fever or cold

2. Sore throat

3. Neck pain or axillary lymph node pain

4. Muscle pain or soreness in the whole body

5. Fatigue still does not disappear after 24 hours of exercise or rest

6. Frequent headaches

7. Sore joints

8. Photophobia, amnesia, restlessness, inability to concentrate, depression, etc.

9. Lethargy or insomnia

Tea for relief

It can be assisted by traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture to adjust hormone levels and improve the balance of nerve.

Codonopsis pilosula rose tea

Ingredients: 3~4 pieces of Codonopsis pilosula , 3~4 pieces of dried rose, 2~3 pieces of red dates.

Instruction: Codonopsis pilosula , dried roses and red dates are brewed in hot water and served when it is hot.

Efficiency: Codonopsis pilosula can boost the qi, anti-aging. Rose can calm the nerves, and the red dates benefit the spleen and stomach.

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