Chinese Medicine Virtual Wellness Consultation Benefits

The current global pandemic amplified cases of anxiety, depression, and imbalance within our body. Dr. Grace Yu, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner places the utmost importance on maintaining a balance within our body in times such as this. At its core, all Chinese Medicine theories such as Yin-Yang stipulate that we are healthy when we live in balance and we weaken our immune system and get ultimately ill when our body experiences imbalances.

But this pandemic causes many people to have second thoughts in physically going to wellness clinics to consult their doctors, and if you feel that you need help to prevent illness, boost your immunity, improve sleep, manage hormonal imbalance, cultivate fertility and still make your health a priority in the midst of this pandemic, Online Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation is possible at the comfort of your home without having to risk an exposure outside.

Dr. Grace starts off the virtual wellness with Chinese Medicine in checking the filled out online diagnostic form and a snap photo of tongue to determine the imbalances in our bodies with a snap of tongue. She will then discuss thoroughly the imbalances which can be due to external factors such as a change to our living environment or our lifestyle. It can however also be due to internal factors like our emotional state. Unlike Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine diagnosis relies on both visible and invisible information to diagnose an illness. Prescription will be given accordingly, with follow ups to ensure optimum result.

Below are the 3 major benefits of a virtual consultation with Traditional Chinese Medicine:


Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners are here to support you & your health goals, no matter where you are. At the comfort of your home you can access non-emergency medical inquiries during or after normal business hours and on weekends.


An Alternative approach in treating chronic illness, symptoms at their root cause. TCM Practitioners will learn about your health history, discuss your current health challenges, and develop a treatment customized for your health needs.


Help you to troubleshoot your health concerns, from fertility to anxiety; digestive problems to lowered immunity, & more. There are customized herbal formulas, recommend appropriate vitamins & supplements and dietary suggestions.

If you are interested to try Online Comprehensive Health Consultation with Dr. Grace Yu for Immunity Boost, Stress Relief, Sleep Management, and Regulate hormonal imbalance, Fertility concerns and treat Chronic Illness at their root cause, you can book a session at +852 2530 3315, send an email or checkout Online Traditional Chinese Consultation at Balance Health Shop.


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