Chinese Medicine Neutral Body Constitution

Ever wonder why some people the same age as yours look younger and healthier than yours? Balanced body, radiant complexion, more energetic and better ability to adapt to the environment? Well, there is nothing to panic about. It is because they are among those of the approximately 30% of the population that have the Neutral Body Constitution. For the final blog of this series, we will extensively discuss and share our expertise on the Chinese medicine body type Neutral.

Neutral Body Constitution

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the neutral body constitution as the most balanced body constitution. It is the least of all body types to be susceptible to illnesses. Some of the tell signs that you have this body type are having shiny hair, good appetite, regular body movement, good sleep quality and resilience, and elasticity to mood swings. The older you get, the harder it is to keep the balance. To be honest, the majority of us have mixed body constitution. So it will be more applicable to regard this body constitution as a goal for a better balance. For the neutral body constitution, maintenance and precaution is important. Although there is no specific restriction in diet, better eat in moderation and don’t overindulge in cold or hot foods. Choose the exercise that is suitable for your age and cultivate a habit to have regular exercise. Last but not the least, keep a peaceful mood and build up your mental resilience through meditation or mindfulness.
Chinese Medicine
Remember that knowing your body constitution is important to ensure that we are at our optimal health state. In our clinic, we have a body type test that you can take online and be supported with consultation with our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners Dr. Clara Chan and Michelle Zhang. Feel free to reach us should you have any questions about your body constitution.

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