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How we perceive our Breasts make us beautiful and empowering. Physiologically, the breasts are located exactly on the side heart. As the protectors of the heart, it is rich in blood and lymphatic drainage organs. And at the psychological and emotional level, the breast is a very essential and nurturing organ being the gateway to open the heart and show affection.

In the Indian chakra system, it is the heart chakra. Being the state of an embryo, the tissue of the hand is connected to the tissue of the chest. When we touch our breasts with gratitude and joy, it will activate “Heart Energy Flow”. Gif Maker 3


By unblocking the energy of the heart chakra, represents the balance of acceptance and giving, being loving as well as being loved. Besides, releasing some untrustful feelings and learning to accept the feelings which are held in the heart.

Whether it is positive or negative emotions, let the love energy flow throughout the body. Through remote “activation”, it assists the opening and balance of the chakras. Moreover, the operation of the ” Danzhong acupoint (CV17)” on the meridian corresponds to the heart chakra, letting the energy of the chest, back, and front chest be more flowing and comfortable. And there may be an emotional release in the process, through releasing the stagnant energy, we can return to inner peace, accept and identify with ourselves.

Breasts, uterus, and ovaries belong to the same sex glands. They are closely related to the meridian, so they are mutually complementary. Therefore, when we pay attention to our breasts, we also adjust the healthy balance of the uterus and ovaries.

Liver Qi is often being adjusted when it comes to traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly used Chinese herbal medicines include Nut Grass, Silk tree Albizziae Flower, and dried roses.

Tips of Healthy Tea Drink and Acupoint Gif Maker 4

1. Rose Osmanthus Tea

The gentle nature of roses can relieve the liver and help with depression, regulate menstruation and also relieve pain; Osmanthus has the effects of nourishing, calming, relieving pain, and dispelling coldness from the body.

The combination of the two can adjust the blood and balance endocrine.


5 roses

5g Osmanthus

Brew it with hot water for 15 min before drinking it Gif Maker 5

2. Sanyinjiao acupoint

It locates three inches above the tip of the inner ankle of the foot, and the pit on the posterior edge of the tibia on the inner side of the leg, which can clear the blood flow of the three meridians of the liver, spleen, and kidney, and has the effect of enriching blood and promoting blood circulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine improves the overall health of women making them empowered to take their role in the society.


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