Chinese Medicine Approach for (In) fertility

Who wouldn’t want to hear the good news of an upcoming little ray of sunshine? Oh, how adorable to imagine a family to be with a mini-me version of yourselves along your side. However, there are some people out there having a hard time fulfilling this dream.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, syndromes of female infertility can be classified as the following: kidney deficiency, stagnation of liver qi, static blood blocking in the uterine, and accumulation of phlegm‐wetness in the body. Constitution has a great effect on the syndrome patterns of many diseases including infertility.

Now, let’s dig into three common causes of infertility and how TCM practices help you start your family tree.

1. Deficiency Syndrome

Deficiency Syndrome is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body of a woman. This means that different systems in your body lack a specific component to maintain the homeostasis of your system. One of these is Jing deficiency, wherein the number of healthy egg cells is reduced. Another is Kidney Yin deficiency; this is when ovaries produce a low amount of estrogen. Low estrogen levels result in thinner uterine lining and less cervical fluid.

You might be asking, how can TCM help with deficiency syndrome?
Herbal medicines are the answer to this! Herbal medicines help in detoxifying kidney deficiency and warm up the uterus in producing more healthy egg cells.

2. Qi Stagnation

Vital energy in a woman’s body plays a big role in fertilization. If recession of Qi points happens the reproduction-related meridians are affected especially, the reproductive system. Liver Qi stagnation is the emotional imbalance that leads to stress.
Hence, stress results in miscarriages. Avoid this by Acupuncture therapy that helps the flow of Qi which also promotes calmness and relaxation.

3. Accumulated Coldness

Accumulated Coldness is when the body changes its internal thermal condition. This affects fertility because excessive coldness causes uterus’ blood stasis which later on leads to menstrual disorders. Moxibustion might be the best approach with these!
Moxibustion promotes thermal in your uterus and ovaries along with enhancing your Qi and blood flow.

Avoid these three common causes of infertility and consider TCM treatment in achieving your dream family. Let TCM be a helping hand to your needs and free yourself from the negativity of infertility.

At Balance Health, we provide personalized support through Chinese Medicine to boost fertility. Start an in-depth analysis of your overall health and receive a personalized report to customize the best treatment for your health with our Chinese Body Type analysis.

Contact us here to customize the best fertility treatment for you!

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