Chew Yin Chan

Chew is an intuitive, empathetic and nurturing healer. Running a holistic wellness center has introduced her to many modalities and inspired her to develop self-awareness and self-connection within herself and others. Chew believes that we are all work in progress. Working with crystals and essential oils has become Chew’s passion and technique for healing and enhancing spiritual awareness. She uses essential oils in her daily routine as an alternative to modern-day medicine.

Chew has been inspired by the Holistic healing community and by making changes in one’s life. “Start by your thoughts, focus on the positive aspects, be grateful for them and be in the present.

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Therapies, Classes & Programmes By the Practitioner

Intuitive Raindrop

This session blends TraditiIntuitive Raindrop is a combination of channelled energy work with Raindrop technique.
The essential oils treat the symptoms and the channelled energy work looks for the root cause and guides the individual to self awareness and self healing.onal Chinese Medicine (TCM) assessment and treatment principles with Naturopathic wellness philosophy, vibrational therapy, Craniosacral techniques, Visceral Manipulation, massage, and energy healing to offer a truly integrative experience. Each session is personalized to address your individual needs. Whether you are suffering from an injury, chronic disease, stress, or just want to optimize your emotional health and mental well-being, this treatment will help you achieve balance on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

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Channelled Reading

Chew Yin’s channelled readings, connects with your higher self to offer insight ( not fortune telling). Guidance on a current situation, and belief system, can be changed when we recognise our pattern of thinking.

Intuitive Channelled Energy

As living beings, we constantly evolve and develop an awareness of self- preservation. Intuitive Channelled Energy is the practice of harnessing a connection between ourselves and the cosmos to enable healing and maintain our wellbeing. It provides a therapeutic and non-invasive remedy to ailments affecting the body, mind and soul.

Distance Vibrational Alignment Meditation

This is a channelled distance healing meditation, Vibrational Alignment realigns the emotional balance, releasing physical or emotional pain, with the use of channelled energy.

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