The short talk on Chakras and Psychology is for those who are engaged and invested in their own healing. Participants go back with an introductory understanding of:

- How the past has impacted ways they manifest in the world
- How their personalities have formed because of the traumas of the past
- Some practical and down to earth ways to heal

Chakra psychology is the study of how the chakras, or metaphysical centers of energy in the body, influence the mind and human behaviour. Using the psychoanalytical view in the conversational session we may cover issues such as:

-Careers and professional success
-Family dynamics
-Spiritual practice

Event Details

Chakras and Psychology - Understand and Heal the Past

Dec 6th
7pm - 8:30pm
Price: HKD 100
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Location: Balance Health

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Devika Das

Psychology & Chakras Coach

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