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Remote Activate and Energy Point Healing

This treatment affects the function of viscera and meridians by treating the chakras.


“Detoxification of the body, detoxification of the emotions”

Everyone accumulates toxins in the stomach to some extent, and when we choose to suppress our emotions most of it stay in the stomach area. For example, our feelings of sadness, anger, love, and even laughter, when repressed for a long time, we will have difficulty with breathing. When the human body is depressed for a long period, the body will feel as if it is divided into upper and lower parts, not feeling the wholeness of the body. It becomes like a heavy burden, unable to enjoy movement of the body so the stomach needs to be cleaned.

The third chakra solar plexus controls the metabolic activity and absorption of the body. It also controls the balance between decomposition and regeneration. The coordinated physiological organs related include: stomach, small intestine, liver, kidney, spleen and spine. When we are overthinking and lose balance, this chakra will be affected, the viscera system will also be disturbed, showing different symptoms.

When the third chakra is out of balance, physical problems that occur easily occur in the stomach, liver and gallbladder, spleen and lymph system, immune system, and allergic symptoms, etc. The physical and mental levels are prone to lack of self-confidence, sense of worthlessness, anxiety, weakness and helplessness.

What we need is to balance the chakra and improve physical symptoms by getting rid of negative emotions and using our own inner strength to deal with our own life issues. It is vital that one stops suppressing emotions and reacting to the external issues and not lose one’s connection with oneself to find harmony.

Each chakra has its corresponding functions and characteristics, linking different meridian and accpoint energy points. By understanding our current physical and mental state, the therapist can help adjust and expand the alignment of chakras and meridian energies even remotely through distance healing. This way one’s mind and body is in a balanced state. Gif Maker 60 1 264x300



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