Catherine Ha

neuroenergetic kinesiology practitioner
English, Chinese
+852 2530 3315

Qualified Neuroenergetic Kinesiology practitioner, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists.

"Kinesiology is about helping an individual through the access of information contained within the body to correct imbalance, enabling the body and the mind to re-integrate and re-align itself from within."

Stress isn’t always a bad thing; it can be handy for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you’re playing a competitive sport or have to speak in public. However, chronic stress or traumatic events can lead to the unwanted build-up and storage of stress within muscles and other parts of the body, which may ultimately manifest in adverse physical, emotional and mental reactions. Each of us is our own walking library of information, a collection of our experiences, thoughts and impressions, stories we have made in our minds, build up through a lifetime of personal and societal experiences.

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology treatment is recognized in both the US and Australia as a comprehensive, non-invasive system of healthcare. The procedure considers the person’s well-being as a whole in terms of not just the physical body but also the mind, spirit and emotions. Using calming and muscle bio-feedback to identify blocks and monitor energy changes of the clients, the practitioner employs non-invasive techniques and procedures to facilitate the client to gather information for better stress management in a holistic manner.

About the Practitioner

Catherine is a strong exponent of holistic and alternative restoration methods and is also trained in Yuen and Reiki techniques, which she uses to supplement her approach to Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. Neuroenergetic Kinesiology has been associated with real, tangible results in relieving many conditions including migraines, muscle aches and pains, addictions, anxiety, work stress, phobias, learning difficulties and more.

Having grown up in Hong Kong with experience living in Canada, Catherine was an active volunteer at the local cancer society, hospital and school for disabled children. She takes a holistic approach to well-being of the mind and body. This, combined with her compassionate nature, makes her a powerful, effective and empathic practitioner.

Therapies by Catherine



"All the pain gone. I could walk properly."

"After the operation of cardiac stent, my back was very pain and no strength to stand and walk properly. After a few sessions, all the pain gone. I could walk properly. For me, the impression was very strong."
Alexandra S.

"Kinesiology is a very soft but powerful healing technique which is helping me to stay healthy and balanced."

"I have a session with Catherine every time I feel tired and stressed. Kinesiology is a very soft but powerful healing technique which is helping me to stay healthy and balanced."
Clotilde S.

"...gently detoxified and boosted the immune system."

"Pollution levels are high in Hong Kong and it took a toll on my daughter's health. As many children, she is less able to protect her body from heavy metals or air pollution and she was often sick. Catherine Ha helped her. She gently detoxified and boosted her immune system."
Martin, 17

"Now I feel vitalized throughout the day."

"As a teenager, I never believe in Kinesiology at first. However, after my first Kinesiology session, I experienced significant changes in my physical, emotional and mental status. From being tired all the time, now I feel vitalized throughout the day and do not have to sleep in class anymore. Kinesiology also help me to reduce my anger and make me more joyful instead of being negative, which subsequently reduce my stress. Therefore, I would definitely recommend it not just to adults but also teens."