Carole Pinder

Over 10 years of experience
English speaking
+852 2530 3315
Carole specialises in the Bowen Technique, also known as the Fascial Release Technique. Carole gently works in the soft fascia , or the soft web like covering the lays between the skin and muscle. It is an incredibly gentle therapy that can even treat young babies. With her wide knowledge Carole can help you to bring your body and health back into alignment and bring you a deeper sense of well being. Her history in healing started with Reiki and she was trained by Eric Pearl in “Reconnective Healing Therapy”. Among her clients were Bryan Adams, Tom Cruise and Joss Stone.

Carole first became aware of Bowen 10 years ago, after an accident in the gym which left her hips causing her a lot of pain. After going down the usual medical route and attempting to rehabilitate through a variety of therapies to no avail, she was recommended to a Bowen therapist who healed her from pain in just a few sessions. Carole was so impressed that she decided to look into this gentle therapy and then got trained in England with the European College of Bowen Studies. After successfully completing the training she went on practicing the therapy in her home county Cornwall, UK, and also in London.

Therapies by Carole


Emma B.

"As an exhausted new mother with a very grizzly baby, I was recommended to Carole and was truly amazed at the results."

"At first I was obviously nervous, but with the 'eye ball pressure' technique explained to me, Carole set my mind at rest.  It was incredible to see how quickly my little one responded to her touch. Finally being able to get a full nights sleep was a totally Godsend. I couldn't recommend Carole highly enough."
Rima Hiranand

"She is a healer in the true sense of the word."

"After a fall in the airport, I expected nothing but bruised knees for a few weeks, but after getting off the plane I realised I had damaged by back somehow. After many fruitless and expensive visits to a chiropractor and then a osteopath I was recommended to Carole, and was very dubious during the first session as it really did not seem that she was doing enough… So I was truly amazed at the significant results that I felt almost immediately upon leaving her practice. Having suffered with back pain for many months, I was thrilled with the speed of the results I experienced with Carole. She is a healer in the true sense of the word."
Alison Ng

"After the first session our baby was happy again."

"My baby was suffering with terrible colic from mid evening until late, we didn’t want to start filling our new born baby with medications and so were recommended to Carole.  After the first session our baby was happy again and we now see Carole whenever there is an issue with our children as is it great to know that there is a holistic approach which avoids bombarding your children with the chemicals of unnecessary medication."