Calista Goh

Certified Akashic Records Consultant & Meditation Facilitator
English, Chinese
+852 2530 3315

Calista began her spiritual journey in 2013 during life-changing moments in her life then. All that seemed to be steady and stable in her life suddenly wasn’t and she felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under her feet. She felt lost and in those times of seeming helplessness, she was called Home by the Great Spirit and continued walking the Red Road of spiritual awakening and growing consciousness.

Calista believes that spirituality need not mean religiousness. Rather, spirituality begins solidly in the heart. The very body we inhabit is our temple.

Calista is currently the only certified Journey To The Heart Akashic Records consultant in Hong Kong and an Akashic Records teacher-in-training under Journey To The Heart. She is an assistant to international spiritual teacher, Ernesto Ortiz, founder and President of Journey To The Heart.

Her methods and healing techniques involve an eclectic mix of Akashic Records sacred wisdom and teaching, Tibetan Buddhism meditation and tantric teachings (a result of her teachers), shamanism, dance and crystal healing.

Calista also runs a successful health foods company, Anything But Salads ( and a spiritual essentials company, Akashic Magic (