Brian Lai

Brian is a breathwork coach from Australia currently based in Hong Kong (China). He discovered breathwork during his journey to find answers to some health issues he has been living with for a long time.

His search eventually led him to Wim Hof, who is best known for his superhuman abilities and 26 world records. From 2016 to 2017, he had the privilege to be trained directly by Wim Hof, becoming the first certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method in Australia and Asia. He has continued to grow in the field of breathwork studying with other modern day masters including Patrick McKeown (Oxygen Advantage/Butekyo), Stig Severinsen (world’s greatest free diver), Kasper Van Der Muelen (Biohacking Breathwork) and Dan Brulé (breathing coach to Tony Robbins and Navy SEALs). The skill of breathwork has been his greatest tool in helping him sustain balance amidst the fast-paced and claustrophobic nature of Hong Kong. His mission is to help spread the importance and benefits of conscious breathing to Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

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Brian's Key Clinical Interest

  • Breathwork
  • Wim Hof method

Brian's Key Research Interest


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Proper breathing is crucial to our physical and mental health. Our breath gives the oxygen that our body needs to live. As normal as it is, our breath is affected whenever we are stressed out emotionally or physically. This is where breathwork practices are truly helpful.

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“Taking part in Primal Breathwork’s WHM experience was without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made and needs to be added to your must do list.”

-Jo Robinson
(Liv Magazine)

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“Thank you so much for the amazing class yesterday. It was an eye opening experience. I had been so tired and under so much stress these days but after the class I released the toxic emotions went away and really felt like myself again! Thank you.”

(Japan Lululemon Ambassador)

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“I joined Primal Breathwork workshops last week and that was mind blowing and unforgettable. With the passion, knowledge and patience of coach Brian, I experienced an incredible journey by simply learning how to breathe right. Never in a million years did I think I could hold my breath for 4 minutes. Eye opening and yet life changing experience”

-Oscar Liu

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“The breathing techniques, support, and coaching from Primal Breathwork didn’t only make it bearable but also gave me the right mindset to keep going for 2 minutes (ice bath). It made my mind strong enough to rise above what my body was dictating me to think, and to go (way) beyond my comfort zone.”

-Kevin Choy

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“Thank you Primal Breathwork for a truly great and unique experience. And for sharing your knowledge on Breathwork and the WHM. During the breathing exercises I went from holding my breath for 1.5 mins to 3.5 mins very quickly. And it happened naturally without much extra mental effort. The experience was powerful yet very different compared to my personal pranayama and mediation practice. It is fascinating to witness the body and mind being pushed outside it’s comfort zone and surpass your own expectations.”

-Gianni Melwani
(BKR Group, Ikigai HK)

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“Brian, thank you for a mind blowing session. We are both exhilarated by the energy flowing through our veins. You have wonderful energy and it was an inspiring experience. We have so much to learn and can’t wait til our next session with you.”

-Dona Edner

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