Breathwork Journey class to discover breathing techniques from different traditions around the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism.

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About this event:

Are you ready to explore the power of your own Breath?

All around the world and for thousands of years, masters from various traditions are teaching techniques to control and adapt the breath in order to achieve beneficial results at every level.

The breath is the link between body mind and spirit, it’s a fantastic tool that gives you access to every layer of yourself: body, energy, emotions, mental and spiritual.

In this session, we will explore Breathwork techniques from different traditions around the world like Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, and learn how to enjoy and master the source of life that is the breath.


  • Balanced mind and body
  • Calm clarity and focus
  • Restored and refined energy
  • Detox deeper and faster
  • General wellbeing
  • Flow state
  • Insights & creativity
  • Spiritual experiences

Experience the breath as a tool to reconnect body mind and spirit


Thomas Amiard, is a Holistic therapist, personal development and breathwork facilitator, speaker, sound engineer, and artist.

He has been exploring, sound, art, breathwork, psychology, and consciousness for the last 25 years, working in Europe South America, and Asia

His journey into personal development started in 1993 when he met a Shaman (traditional healer) in the Sierra Mazateca in Mexico. The teaching he received completely changed his life and triggered a profound interest in consciousness and personal evolution.

After years of personal process and research in the field, he moved to South America with his family where he learned more about traditional practices but also discovered modern Breathwork technics and their nearly infinite possibilities.

After an incredible first session of Holotropic Breathwork, where he unlocked a lifelong subconscious blockage, he decided to enter a 3 years certification process in Breathwork and Psychology learning with Javier Charmes and Stan Grof, the co-creator of Transpersonal Psychology with Abraham Maslow and creator of Holotropic Breathwork.

In 2016, he moved to Hong Kong and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist in medical practice in Central from 2017 to 2019 where he helped many patients with stress, anxiety, emotional blockages, ADHD, depression, grief, etc, while also running Breathwork workshops, giving talks and launching his Breathwork & Self Discovery company.

Book now and empower yourself with Thomas’s breathwork guidance and help.

Client Testimonials


Thomas creates a very safe space where you feel you can let go and enjoy all the benefits of holotropic breathing.

“I’ve done quite few breathing sessions with Thomas – some shorter and some few hours long. Each session left me with a desire for more and an understanding of its importance in my life. Thomas creates a very safe space where you feel you can let go and enjoy all the benefits of holotropic breathing. Every time experience is different but an outcome is the same – I feel complete clarity, relief and healing taking place. Everyone has to experience it at least once in their life.”


Thomas workshop is very ground and profound.

“Thomas workshop is very ground and profound, the breath work allow me to detach from mental chatter, finally my body have a voice to express, I can listen to myself again. Each session is a deeper journey to myself, it’s beyond the intellect, but respect to wisdom and honesty of our body. Gratitude!”


I would highly recommend a session with Thomas.

“Blown away. I walked into my session not having any idea what holotropic breathing was. It ended up being a beautiful experience I’ll remember forever. I walked out with more mental clarity and at peace with the past. I would highly recommend a session with Thomas.”

Spaces are limited!

Make time to experience the depth and relaxation this breathwork journey offers.

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Breathwork Specialist

Thomas Amiard

breathwork specialist

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