27F Universal Trade
Arbuthnot Road, Central

Breathe, Move &
Meditate (Online Class)
by Astrid Merkt

12:00 - 1:00 PM

For bookings, contact
2530 3315 or


Breathe, Move, and Meditate to boost your day. Astrid will guide you through some pranayama to oxygenate and wake up the mind and body. Then energise you with some yoga, and finish with a grounding meditation for clarity and focus. This will de clutter you mind from the morning and set yourself up to thrive for the rest of the day.

About Astrid:

“Health comes from the inside out,” a concept that stands true to Astrid’s love of Yoga. She brings an element of positive psychology and exercise science to bridge mind and body into every Yoga class. She took her first Yoga Teacher training in 2011, and recently completed her 500-RYT that bridged TCM and Ayurveda within yoga, and is always seeking new ways to learn more about the ancient science of Yoga, Breathe and Meditation. She focuses on the importance of posture, alignment, and core integration for invigorating and healing classes. Her teachings hope to empower and inspire to help unleash your full potential spiritually, mentally, and physically.