The Bowen therapy is a gentle, subtle and relaxing hands on technique. The holistic approach not only treats the condition, but treats the client as a whole. The Bowen therapy is quite simply the most straight forward and effective therapy, and all who practice Bowen are continually amazed by the effectiveness of this simple and gentle technique. The Bowen Therapy differs from many other forms of therapies, as it does not attempt to inflict the will of the therapist or a specific outcome upon to the client, instead it offers the body the opportunity to restore structural integrity.

Carole takes a very gentle approach, which is very much what the Bowen technique is all about.  A session generally consists of an initial consultation where she discusses with the client what problems they may have been experiencing in order to assess what treatment they will most benefit from.  Which ever combination of moves Carole decides to use during a session, they will all consist of a series of moves across muscle, tendon and other soft tissue, where she uses her fingers or thumbs on specific areas applying gentle pressure to effect a movement of the tissue. In Bowen therapy there is no hard tissue manipulation, adjustment or high velocity movement, massaging, use of oils or deep and prolonged pressure.

The Baby Bowen Therapy is a little different in the technique, as it is such a gentle treatment it is even safe to be used on babies of any age. Baby Bowen is a series of extremely gentle yet highly effective moves that are made on your baby’s back and front.

Bowen can treat a wide range of discomforts and disorders can be elevated or cured, including the following :
Detox & Lymphatic Drainage support
Sporting Injuries
Pelvic imbalances
Lower Back Pain
Neck & Jaw Pain
Sleeping Problems
Acid reflux
Sciatic problems
Eye Strain
bowen therapy

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