Boost Memory and Brain Health: Unveiling the Healing Power of Chinese Medicine and Lifestyle Adjustments

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Misplacing objects, not being able to think of the right words, not being able to remember what you've just read, forgetting what you've come to do when you're walking somewhere, losing concentration, if you find that you're forgetting more than you used to. Start by adjusting your lifestyle, relaxing, having a good routine, and not staying up late for sleep. Research has proven that smoking, drinking, and poor dietary habits can accelerate the aging process and lead to cognitive decline. Some medications and treatments can also cause memory loss, such as chemotherapy.

According to Chinese medicine, when the kidney essence is abundant, better circulation in the brain , and when the kidney essence is deficient, the circulation will be insufficient. When the circulation in the brain is better , the ears and eyes will be smart and full of energy. Therefore, In addition, blood is the material basis of mental activity. Blood flow must be sufficient in order to support mental clarity and mental abundance. If the blood is deficient, then the sanity has no support and can often cause insomnia, being dreamy and forgetful. That is why blood supply to enhance memory is very helpful. The relationship between essence and blood is one of mutual transformation. Blood can produce essence, and kidney essence is an important substance in the production of blood.

When kidney deficiency cannot transform water-dampness in our body and promote the movement of qi and blood, resulting in metabolic disorders, leading to accumulation of pathological products such as phlegm and blood stasis, and memory loss.

The hippocampus of the brain is responsible for memory storage, reading, use, corresponding to different acupoints, and can make the brain degrade slower. The "Hundred Happiness Point" at the intersection of the centerline of the top of the head and the tips of the ears is located at the center of the top of the head, and is also the place where the whole body's chi flows together. Pressing this point for several times in a row has the effect of waking up the brain and calming the mind. In winter, when there is less sunlight, and when you wake up, you are not in good spirits and your reaction is slow, so you can press and stimulate the  point to increase the circulation of qi and blood and unclog the meridians of the whole body.

If you are experiencing memory loss, Balance Health can help. We offer Chinese medicine consultation that you can do both onsite or at the comfort of your home to help restore balance and address health issues that you are experiencing. Feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist you.

About the Author:

Grace Yu is a prominent holistic wellness practitioner and the driving force behind Balance Health, a renowned health and wellness center in Hong Kong. With a passion for empowering individuals to achieve optimal physical and emotional well-being, Grace has cultivated expertise in various healing modalities, including acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and energy healing. With years of experience and a compassionate approach, she has earned a reputation for guiding clients towards balance, harmony, and a higher quality of life. Grace's commitment to holistic healing and her dedication to her clients' well-being have made her a respected figure in the wellness community.

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