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Our body has an innate wisdom of its own and often times, physical manifestations of discomforts and ailments are actually our body’s way of sending us messages to stop and listen. There is an intricate connection between the mind, body and spirit and suppressed emotions also play an important part with physical issues as well. When they are addressed and acknowledged, the physical symptoms often miraculously resolve. Read On. (Through my own experience, I have learned that often times when I have a sore throat, it means that there is something I want to express but not doing so. Back pain can signify lack of support in my life and the underlying emotion of a fever might be anger. Nearly always, when I stop to listen and ask myself what in my life is really bothering me and then take the actions to address it, the physical issues will resolve.

In Louise Hay’s book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, through her extensive works with patients in therapy sessions; she has come to document common underlying emotional issues that correlate with various physical ailments.

Being responsible for our own health and well being allows for personal empowerment. We all have the ability to stop and listen to what our body is trying to communicate to us. And often, it carries a message so that we can positively address changes or issues that otherwise we may ignore or disregard in our life.

If there is a part of your body that is experiencing discomfort, for example, a sore throat you can try the following exercise to reveal the underlying emotion or issue that it is trying to communicate.


Find a quiet place and begin to meditate for a few minutes.

When you feel comfortable and still you can breath into the area that is bothering you, in this example the throat, and ask, ‘What does my throat want to say?’

Be still and centered in your heart and without judging or thinking, allow whatever answer you hear to come up

If you feel emotions coming up, feel them as well and allow them to be released

Now that you have the answer, take steps to resolve the emotions or issues that surface. An alternative way is to journal and you can begin with the phrase ‘my throat hurts because’ and free write for 2-3 pages until the underlying issue comes into light. Once again, allow whatever comes up to come up, sometimes it can be something that is bothering you in life and sometimes you may find that it is a belief that is causing discomfort. Whatever it may be, bring kindness and compassion to the process and remember that you always have access to the wisdom of what your body is trying to communicate with you.

With love and healing,

Michelle Wong


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