BodyTalk provides a “whole-healthcare” system that promotes emotional, physical and physiological well-being.

BodyTalk System, a holistic therapy grounded in the belief that our body has capability to heal itself, combines elements of both Eastern and Western medicine to facilitate personal healing and growth. BodyTalk practitioner use a number of techniques, all of which are non-invasive, to help those in treatment tap into the body’s natural system of healing.

BodyTalk System Theory
This approach, which is sometimes described as acupuncture without needles, purports to listen to the body, engage its ability to heal itself, and enhance communication between bodily systems.
Based in dynamic systems theory, BodyTalk considers emotional, physical, and environmental influences in order to address the underlying cause of conditions, and using various techniques to activate the brain, restructure the body’s energetic patterns, and promote healing from within.

The approach is based on the following principles:

The body can heal itself: BodyTalk utilizes what is known as the “innate wisdom” of the body to heal itself in order to recover from any and all types of injury.

Stress impacts overall health: Every experience a person goes through contributes to that person’s state of health.

The body communicates via energetic circuitry: Every aspect of our being—cells, atoms, and neurons—are in communication with each other constantly. Stress can compromise the circuitry systems and create chronic breakdown of communication within the “bodymind complex.”

BodyTalk Processes and Techniques
The process of BodyTalk can be broken down into these three steps, the "ABCs" of BodyTalk:
Ask: BodyTalk Practitioners "ask" the body questions and get answers by muscle testing. This natural biofeedback loop is used to identify and prioritize the healing needs of the body. Asking of questions assists Body Talkers, to gather information about a person’s experience and begin to tailor treatment to that person’s specific needs.

Balance: BodyTalkers chart and prioritize several ways to bring balance to the body and mind. Techniques such as tapping of the head and chest are used to signal the brain and heart to prepare to heal and restructure.

Communication: The final phase of the process attempts to re-link the systems in the body and repair any lines of communication that have been compromised.

While BodyTalk does not diagnose, or treat ailments, it allows the body’s own healing abilities to effect change. .

Effects of BodyTalk
Clinical experience has shown that when the overall system is balanced, clients of BodyTalk have shown dramatic improvements in areas of:
• Headache
• Stress
• Back Pain
• Chronic Fatigue
• Emotional Disorder
• Endocrine Disorders
• Digestive Disorders
• Autism
• Allergies
• Sports injuries
• Phobias
• Tumors
• Viruses
• infection
• Sports Performance
• Diabetes
• Learning Disorders

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