Bioelectrography is a newly emerging science of visualising conscious processes, or energy, in living objects


What is Bioelectrography?

Bioelectrography makes it possible to record, visualize and analyze the energy state of a client and initiate therapeutic treatments, ideally at a preventative stage. It is also a useful tool for the client to visualize and determine the effectiveness of a therapy or treatment with before and after images of the energy in the client's body. They will be able to see the dissolution of energy blocks, change in stress factors, increased energy values, re-energized organs, and correction of weaknesses from.

What will you learn?

• How bioelectrography works and how to use it
• How to interpret diagrams and ultimately determine the health homeostasis levels of the client.

How is Bioelectrography measurement performed?

Each finger is photographed in two cycles. In one cycle no filter is used, which indicates the fast energy corresponding to the mental state of the person. In the other cycle, a filter is inserted which inhibits this rapid energy, the state that can be interpreted as the physical body condition of the person. The comparison between the psyche or mental state and the body gives many insights into the harmony of the energy state.

When does the Bioelectrography measurement apply?

The method makes it possible to record, visualize and analyze the energy state of the client and initiate therapeutic treatments, ideally at a preventative stage. Although this measurement is not diagnostic, certain energetic imbalances measured could indicate the need of interception at this early stage before any further serious physical consequences emerge. The whole process can be documented and adapted at any time throughout the whole therapeutic process. 

The presentation displayed in diagrams allows the client to see:
• The change in the stress factors
• The dissolution of energy blocks
• The increase in energy values
• That weakened organs are re-energized
• That by correction of a weakness other areas improve
• The effectiveness of a therapeutic modality or approach

Who Should Attend The Workshop?

• Healthcare Professionals, Researchers
• Individuals interested in Holistic Medicine, seeking to be well-informed on understanding the human system as a communication system, also based on internal and external coherence, in a different manner from conventional medicine. This includes practitioners of any non-invasive modality such as Yoga, Meditation, Bio-geometry, Quantum Integral Medicine, Quantum Touch, Homeopathy, Reiki, Energy healing, BodyTalk, German New Medicine(GNM) and TCM Practitioners.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course L1, participants should be able to:

• Use Electro Photonic Imaging (Bio-Well)
• Understand the Science on GDV
• Interpret the diagrams
• Determine the Health Homeostasis levels of the client


Event Details

Bioelectrography: View and Understand Your Energy Field

-Weekend Seminar
Sep 20th-22nd
9AM- 5PM

Price: HKD4,500

To register, please call us on 2530 3315 or fill out the form below.


Hesham Sami

Hypnotist Consultant, NLP Practitioner

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