Baby Massage is done by millions of parents worldwide. A quality bonding time between parents and babies. A time where babies can relax and express themselves and parents can know their baby more.

Benefits of Baby Massage
- Baby-Parent attachment or “bonding”
- Relaxation
- Helps baby feel loved
- Promotes better sleep
- Boosts immune system
- Improves skin condition
- Improves blood circulation
- Helps digestion
- Balances respiration
- Relief for teething pains
- Help waste elimination

Empowering Parents
It increases parent’s, other family members and carers’ self confidence. As they understand their baby more they begin to be more receptive to their baby’s needs.

Parent Support Group
Meet friends & share the experience of learning Baby Massage with other parents.

- Group class maximum of 8 babies
- From 1 to 12 months old
- 4 sessions for 4 weeks
- Parents & babies have time to learn & become comfortable with the massage
- Approximately 1 hour per session
- We can conduct in the privacy of your own home
- Infant with Special Needs are welcome to join, from 1 month until 7 years old

Classes offered to:
- Parents
- Grandparents
- Care givers
- Moms-to-be
- Grand parents-to-be

Classes include:
Stroke instruction
Massage Oils
Printed Materials

If your business or organization wishes us to come and conduct an Baby Massage Course, please call for booking.

Group Classes are also available.

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Our Therapists
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