Do you remember your last massage? The amazing feeling of relaxation, relief, serenity and peace of mind, how happy and calm you were as aches and pains are soothed away…Now imagine all these wonderful feelings and energies being felt by your baby, together with all the physical, emotional, psychological, and developmental benefits that comes with infant massage.

Despite being practiced across all cultures since ancient times, infant massage may still seem silly and unnecessary to some people. Touch is an important tool that can facilitate growth and development. It is an activity as important as eating and sleeping. Developmental delay is common in children deprived of sensory stimulation. Parents will be surprised at how much Infant Massage could contribute to their babies growth and well being, as well as its promotion of parent child bonding.

Why do Infant Massage? Infant massage has four major categories of benefits:

Interaction. The natural bonding and attachment formed during pregnancy is promoted. The baby is made to feel more secure. Through verbal and nonverbal communication trust and confidence is developed. Using all the senses such as touch, sight, hearing, and smell feelings of love and respect is showed.

Stimulation. The manual strokes of infant massage promote the circulatory and digestive system of the infant. As you stroke each part of your baby it establishes mind and body awareness, and stimulation of the hormonal system to secrete positive chemicals. The muscles become more developed and growth is promoted.

Relief. Massaging your baby can soothe the aches and growing pains such as teething. It relieves discomforts from gas and colic, which is common to infants aged 3 months and below. It relieves constipation and cramps by promoting elimination. Massage relaxes the baby and ease muscular tension.

Relaxation, the most popular benefit not only to babies but parents as well. As the baby feels more relaxed and has improved sleeping pattern, the parents will have better rest too. There is increased flexibility and muscles are more toned. Babies who are massaged tend to cry less and are calmer, their stress hormones are lower and endorphins, the happy hormones are increased.

Discover! Know for yourself the beneficial impact of infant massage to your child’s infancy and beyond. Lack of nurturing touch has a lifetime effect that cannot be redone or undone. Despite today’s busy world, take time…try to lovingly touch your baby now and share the joyous gifts of Infant Massage.

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