Aurelia Antoskiewicz

reiki practitioner
English, French
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"Aurelia Antoskiewicz philosophy is to listen and understand the patient’s body and sicknesses to give the bodies inner well-being and chance to grow again."

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic method that stimulates healing and relaxation by “laying on hands” to trigger the proper functioning of the seven chakras of the body. Each chakra is linked to the vital organs of the body. What makes Aurelia Antoskiewicz’ therapy unique is the combination of Reiki with other techniques such as Litho therapy, Aroma therapy and Acupressure. The Litho therapy uses stones and minerals to rebalance the body’s energy based on its chakras. Within the Aromatherapy Aurelia Antoskiewicz uses essential oils to address the imbalances of the body and releases the tension. Lastly acupressure, similar as acupuncture takes advantage of the bodies specific pressure points to release or invigorate these certain body points.

The blend of the different therapies can impact many conditions such as: stress, anxiety, insomnia and nervous breakdown. If the therapy is combined with a psychological approach it allows further treatment of diseases like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and back pain. Thus the therapeutic benefits of this mix increases physical strength, improves health and can help to heal emotional trauma. Other benefits that might resolve from the treatments are increased support to eliminate toxins from the body, a strengthened inner healing process, which is in association with higher cell regeneration.

Further the therapeutic mix will also treat imbalances of children above five years old. Imbalances might be insomnia, nightmares, lack of self-confidence, anorexia and bulimia.

About the Practitioner

Aurelia Antoskiewicz has always shown interest in alternative treatment methods that underline people’s welfare, personal fulfillment and holistic views. This is supported by her curiosity and open mind for Asian cultures, which let her pave the way to study (the) Reiki, Chinese Acupressure, Lympho-Energy and Lithotherapy.

Further Aurelia Antoskiewicz is also an entrepreneur, because she established her own business “Le cabinet Aura” in France in 2010. Le cabinet Aura works in association with hospitals and clinics. By collaborating with general practitioners and specialists in France she developed her knowledge and skills in treating patients who suffer from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis as well as pre and post operative amputations.

Therapies by Aurelia



My anxiety was finally under control and confidence restored

"I went into Aurelia's sessions without knowing what to expect as I was initially unsure about Reiki and its efficacy. However, after receiving Aurelia's energetic work, she opened my mind to the depth and extensive healing created by her Reiki mastery and personalised approach. I want to thank her on behalf of my friends and family too because they have seen the dramatic change in me over a few weeks time - My anxiety was finally under control and confidence restored. Her sincerity helped me in a very lonely and hopeless period in my life. Highly recommend"


"I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for ten years. My Doctor used to prescribe 30 mg of morphine per day to release the pain. Before meeting Aurelia, I had lost my exhilaration and was addictive to medications. Today, I really feel more dynamic, with a new vision about my life and following Aurelia’s treatment, I have given up on morphine"

Nervous Breakdown

"For the past two years, I have been under anti-depressant. As I did not want to be addictive to medication, I decided to start a gentle therapy. After inquiring, Aurelia was recommended to me and after one month of treatment, I stopped taking anti-depressant. I feel much better and so happy"


"I was desperate, as my daughter was suffering from anorexia. After seeing several Doctors & Therapists, I had the opportunity to meet Aurelia. During the first appointment, my daughter felt very at ease with Aurelia and she confessed what was going wrong. Aurelia’s approach was the key to the success of my daughter’s treatment"

Nervous Colopathy

"Since adolescence, I have been suffering from nervous colopathy. A friend advised me to meet Aurelia in order to find a way after couple of treatments. Aurelia’s sessions have allowed me to let off steam, to work on the symptoms, which were leading to my stress and fears. Today, I can forget about all this bad memories and I feel much better with my body"


"For many years, I was experiencing a deep lack of confidence after my divorce. All bad events were emphasizing this situation and I reached a point where I became unable to react and take position in my life, then I started to be depressed. I met Aurelia and she automatically found what was wrong in my attitude. After couple of sessions, I already re-discovered a strong self-confidence. Today, I have finally been able to find a stability and well-being"


"For the past four years, I have never been able to find a good and deep sleep. It became a kind of habit and last year, I decided to capitulate and consider these sleeping troubles as normal. After consulting several Therapists, I met Aurelia and thanks to her Reiki and Lithotherapy, she has been the only one to assist me finding a restorative and deep sleep again."