Today we hear a lot about mindfulness and what it really is, well did you know that essential oils have been used since the beginning of time for almost all types of ailments and emotions. In the earlier times herbs were crushed and made into a poultice to use on the injured soldiers during the war. However essential oils go back even further during the Egyptian civilisation and even to the time of the birth of Christ when the 3 wise man gifted Frankincense, Myrrh and Cedarwood to Christ and anointed him with it.

Essential oils today have regained popularity mainly due to a Hay House production called ‘The Truth about Cancer’ where scientific research has been done on Frankincense and Myrrh in cleansing out tumors and cysts and as a preventative method to boost our Immune system. With so much research and proof no wonder more and more people are turning to using Nature’s Pharmacy to eliminate and deal with a multitude of diseases and emotions. Come and join me in this one hour presentation and learn the various ways we can use essential oils for calming and nurturing our senses and our spirit.

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Sunita Teckchand


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