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Author: Angie Tourani – Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner at the Balance Health Clinic

America is facing an epidemic of staggering proportions, not one of physical illness or visible disease, but the mental struggles of chronic anxiety, depression and stress. 1 in 10 Americans currently take anti-depressant medication, but worse yet, the issue isn’t contained within the US. In fact, an estimated 121 million people struggle with depression globally. The problem only seems to be getting worse with the millennia, as the number of diagnoses has doubled in the past five years.

1. Stress:

Depending on your mindset, stress can either hinder or encourage motivation in your everyday life. Unfortunately contemporary stress often debilitates and distresses, but BodyTalk seeks to promote this healthy approach to acute stress.

2. Anxiety:

Similarly to stress, anxiety, when approached with the right mindset can act as a catalyst to problem-solve in otherwise strenuous situations. However, escalating levels of anxiety can swamp and cloud your rational judgement.

3. Depression:

The black dog trails closely behind anxiety and it is often said that the two, depression and anxiety, come hand in hand. Both are contrived from the same neurological mechanism of the brain which result in the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of our lives. Depression is a looming mood disorder which casts a continuous sense of hopelessness, sadness, and disassociation.

All three of these emotional disorders are associated with physical symptoms such as:

– Exhaustion
– Weight loss or gain
– Digestive problems
– Pain in the back, muscles, joints, and chest
– Headaches

So what can be done about this relevant and relatable issue?

The BodyTalk system caters to specific needs, with each individual treatment personalised in a unique, non-invasive manner. By making use of the recognised connection between the mind and body, BodyTalk analyses the powerful emotions, beliefs, memories, expectations, events, and environmental triggers and their effect on any one of your 30 trillion cells. Approaching the issue from below the surface quickly reveals the attributing causes affecting your nervous system within your everyday life, tackling these debilitating disorders through supportive means.

Anxiety and depression come about as a result of a complex mixture of factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events. To assess and learn of these influences, a BodyTalk practitioner analyses your body through neuromuscular biofeedback. Other techniques such as Cellular Repair, may assist to counter the influence of a genetic predisposition towards emotional and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. A Body Chemistry balance can be extremely effective in maintaining chemical intolerance, hormonal imbalances or toxicity, all of which play a part in a volatile, over-reactive bodily system.

Emotion, in protein form of neuropeptides, can possibly be stored within the body tissue. These neuropeptides can be triggered by a range of environmental stimuli, including a stressful home or workplace. BodyTalk recognises that unresolved concerns, fear and sadness, when provoked by a situation or memory, can prompt a physiological response which will result in a distressed reaction from the brain, as though the discomforting event were repeating itself. This mechanism can work against yourself, contributing to both chronic and acute anxiety. By employing BodyTalk techniques such as Active Memory, a BodyTalk practitioner can work with the patient’s body to disassociate, neutralise, and release emotions that have been stored within the connective tissue.

Even the most subtle of reactions can reveal unexpressed emotions. Through BodyTalk, the overarching aim to understand the story behind the symptom, the meaning behind the meltdown, will guide you to a new mindset and approach to these emotional disorders.

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