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Over 10 years of experience
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Registered Somatic Movement Educator, certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, certified TRE® provider, member of ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association), and member of EISA (European Iokai Shiatsu Association), officially listed as TRE provider on

A holistic approach is at the root of one’s way to balance

She encourages listening and trusting the body’s natural ways. It leads to living self-connected and centered, yet open and flexible. One can improve resiliency by tuning into one’s self-regulatory body processes.

Anne created The Moving Touch and has been practicing Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Somatics and TRE® in Hong Kong since 2010. She is delighted to meet you at Balance Health where she offers private sessions and group classes.

Anne has studied traditional Zen Shiatsu since 2004 with K. Sasaki, a Japanese Master. She believes that in healing well-being matters, there is a strong relationship between the mind and the body, as well as between a living being and its environment. In addition, she has learned Chi Nei Tsang from a Thai Master (Abdominal Chi Detox massage coupled with deep breathing).

Watch this video to see Anne's demonstrations of how Tibetan Singing Bowls works:

New promotion package from Anne Cousin:

REGROUP Program – 6 sessions – HKD 7800 (save HKD 600)

What if you could learn from your emotions, rather than react to them? What wisdom might you discover by opening fully to your inner world, rather than hiding from discomfort?

Our mind body therapist Anne Cousin help you find strength from vulnerability and relieve your exhaustion from carrying your invisible armor by giving you a space to safely slow down and heal holistically.

Depending on each person’s unique case, Anne will choose and adjust the techniques that she is certified in: Somatic Experiencing, Integral Somatic Psychology, Somatic Movement Education, Seiki Shiatsu, Tension Release Exercises (TRE).

Together with Anne, you will learn to:

- Develop self-awareness
- Explore the messages of your physiology and emotions, needs and values
- Identify your inner resources
- Ground your own resources
- Achieve a sense of integrity and authenticity

Note: There will be cases where 6 sessions are not enough. 6 sessions are the minimum to start regrouping yourself. The more vulnerable individuals are recommended to seek additional professional clinical counselling.

To register, please call us: +852 2530 3315 or send us an email:

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Julie D.
Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

"My experience with singing bowls felt almost magical."

"The sounds and vibrations of the bowls were very soothing and uplifting. It made me feel clearer, more relaxed, at peace. Anne is gifted, sensitive, attuned, and spiritually adept at leading her clients into a deep experience in sound healing and personal awareness. I highly recommend this ancestral Tibetan method, a very pleasing, efficient way to let go."
Geraldine F.
Designer, Hong Kong

"Universal vibration, love and well-being."

"These is exactly what I felt through Anne's Tibetan bowls treatment! I'm very grateful to her for giving me this journey into my soul, body and heart! The day after the session I was able to effortlessly forgive and breakthrough a conflict."
Celine M.
Mum & Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

"I felt the benefits after few sessions: physical pain relief and clearer mind"

"Being a working mum myself, I had a hard time to manage work pressure+ family life balance. I started to somatize, and got strong back pain, felt pressure in teeth, became too emotional... I couldn't really 'relax'. Anne helped me to reconnect to myself, through a sensitive & compassionate approach. Her practice of Somatic Experiencing, Tibetan singing bowls and Dynamic meditation are amazing and deeply efficient. I felt the benefits after few sessions, physical pain relief, clearer mind... It's been very helpful to me, as well as a great human experience. I warmly recommend her talents, I think we all deserve it!"
Macarena Olazabal
General Manager in Hong Kong

"Anne has been a very positive and crucial support"

"I have been Anne' patient for over 4 years now, as soon as I arrived to HK. I had a previous very positive shiatsu experience in Europe which made me look for shiatsu practitioners in HK. I must say that Anne totally contributes to my balance allowing me to get through tough periods of stress and solve sleeping problems periods. I totally recommend Anne for her talented shiatsu skills where both aspects, physical and psychological, are taken into consideration. Her availability to listen to you and to your body makes her practice a real need for me. Having gone through 2 pregnancies, Anne has also been a very positive and crucial support. I can say today that Anne is a key person in my HK life and can only deeply and truly recommend her and her practice to anyone."
Cassie Lau
Hong Kong

"My whole body is relaxed and has energy to do lots of things again."

"I have chronic back pain working in high stress banking environment feeling nervous all the time. Found TRE can tackle my back pain problem relaxing very deep muscles that even a massage cannot go as deep into. Since I have practised TRE, my normal nervous shaking is gone, I sleep better at nights, and feel that my whole body is relaxed and has energy to do lots of things again. Most importantly, I enjoy TRE (it is not as scary as it looks like!)"
Hong Kong

"With Anne, I know I am in safe and very capable hands."

"I have been seeing Anne for six months now. With her, I know I am in safe and very capable hands. She is able to customize the treatments based on my needs which could be different every time. The congestion I had in my abdomen area has dissipated through Chi Nei Tsang whilst my neck and back have revived via Shiatsu. My daily stresses have also curtailed with the Tension Release exercises Anne conducts. The holistic approach combined with her understanding of the body's mechanisms is a winning formula for one's wellness. I strongly recommend consulting Anne to do away with the clogs and blocks that we tend to build up over the course of our city lives."
Executive Coaching

"The transformation I have experienced is phenomenal."

"I was introduced to TRE at a time when I was struggling to cope with my post-party's Body and mind. The transformation I have experienced is phenomenal. I feel that my body has become more accessible and I am able to cope with issues like sugar-addiction much more easily than before. Anne's facilitation and guidance is immensely supportive and impactful. I tried TRE in a group and I felt Anne did an amazing job of managing different levels of comfort of different individuals. Anne is immensely competent in the TRE technique and sensing the needs of the people she works with, and this reflects on the confidence and warmth she brings to her TRE sessions."
Rachelle Conradie
Discovery Bay HK (36 weeks pregnant), Nia Technique & creative movement facilitator, yogini, editor and mother

"One of the reasons my pregnancy (36 weeks) is really going well so far, is because of receiving regular treatments from Anne."

"…I can truly recommend Anne's therapeutic work… Anne has a very sensitive and exceptional ability to listen to what the body presents and it is easy to relax in her nurturing, reassuring and confident presence… In her therapeutic work she includes both, Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork, which she combines skillfully and beautifully... Through Somatic Bodywork, Anne guides your body through subtle and natural movements to resolve blockages… I have found the combination to have a very powerful and supportive effect - especially her verbal guidance brings you in a state of a deep body and mind relaxation, integration and awareness… In pregnancy, and preferably even before pregnancy, I believe it is our duty as women to detoxify, clarify, heal to prepare our bodies to the best of our abilities and give our children the utmost chance of being healthy and experiencing a safe and an as easy as possible birth…"
Read the full testimonial of Rachelle here
Yoga Instructor, Facial Reflexology

"My body could recover from the tiredness smoothly"

"Anne is a professional, skilled and very experienced Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. I highly recommend her work to those who have been searching alternative method to stimulate & balance the body. She explains the process and intention of the treatment. She always understands what I need and so the result of the treatment has been always maximised. After coming back from an intensive & long-flight business trip, my abdominal was tightened so much and I could feel that the energy was not flowing good enough due to circulation blockage as well as the weakened abdominal. Yet, thanks to Anne's Chi Nei Tsang, my body could recover from the tiredness smoothly and could release unnecessary stress from my body. I simply like & enjoy each session with her - Thank you, Anne!"
Thierry J.
Company Director in Hong Kong

"I recommend using Shiatsu with Anne for her professional and friendly approach of the body balance."

"Shiatsu sessions with Anne Cousin are a real good work and leisure time to better understand my body works physically and mentally. Having an intense international business life mixed with mountain marathons during the cooler season and strong physical training for dragon boat races season, I enjoy the therapy balance between pressure massages, relaxation, flex joints, breathing and muscles exercises. Every week or every month, depending on needs, I recommend using Shiatsu with Anne for her professional and friendly approach of the body balance."
Meltem Deniz
Managing Director in Hong Kong

"I can only highly recommend Anne, she is a blessing to the world."

"Before Anne I had no experience of Somatics and Shiatsu. I did not know what to expect. I tried over the years a lot of different healing techniques and therapists but many of them left me even more imbalanced or depressed. Having a stressful job and suffering from hormonal imbalance I came with the hope to Anne to help me to cope with the stress and to balance my body. She did more than that. Anne is incredible, each of her treatments are a journey to connect with your body and soul. Anne helped me to release past traumas and beliefs, which were deeply anchored in my cells. She reconnected and showed me the incredible self-healing power of my body. Anne’s attentiveness, her caring and relaxed manner and most of all her compassion makes it easy to relax and let go of problems and open up about your fear, pain and emotions. She helped me to learn to ground myself, be present in the now and the most important lesson compassion for myself, which changed my lifestyle and perception completely. I can only highly recommend her, as she is a blessing to the world. Thank you, Anne."
Dr. Cherisse Yang
Holistic Chiropractor, The White Hare, Hong Kong

I feel Anne always listens to my body’s needs."

"Being a bodyworker, I am very selective when choosing practitioners to work on my body. The sessions I have had with Anne were all very transformational, yet gentle. After the first session, my bowel movement improved and I developed more awareness in my abdominal area – a part of my body that stored a fair bit of tension. Anne understands the subtle cues from the body and I feel she always listens to my body’s needs."
Kay Ross
Hong Kong

"I could breathe more deeply, and my heart felt more relaxed and open."

"I had a series of three detox massages with Anne. I sometimes felt my body shaking as deep tension was released. I especially liked how the massages included the use of sound – as I was making the various sounds, I could feel the vibration in my tissues. That loosened up the tension in my chest and abdomen, and I could feel my organs becoming unstuck and moving more freely. I could breathe more deeply, and my heart felt more relaxed and open."
Lisa B.
United Kingdom

"Anne works her magic."

"I have experienced Shiatsu by a number of experienced therapists but I have to say Anne works her magic with this modality. I came to Anne with hope of balancing my body and she did so much more. Her attention to detail of my needs, her caring manner added to the depth of her treatment. Not only did Anne balance my system and relieve stress, I also felt refreshed and uplifted. I wish Anne was still in America to receive regular treatment but wish her well on her journey and dreams."