Aligned Alive Abundant Women Circle

For Soul Seekers with a Corporate Heritage

This Monthly Gathering is for you if
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you are seeking alignment with your soul’s desire,

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you want authentic success and

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are committed to your personal development and spiritual growth

You will feel at home if your work identity was once or still is associated with the corporate world:

  • You are considering exploring what a different path would look like or still happy with your work but want a deeper expression of your soul in everything you do

  • You're looking for spiritual growth alongside career development

  • You're committed to bringing your whole self to the workplace and raise the consciousness inside the corporate world

  • You already quit the corporate life and embarked on your soul journey, recreating your life;
S2 3 15 2023

Our Mission

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To support women live their lives to the fullest - aligned, alive & abundant - becoming powerful creators with ease, grace and love

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To share the wisdom, the practices and transformation tools that Judy & Crina have discovered and created for more than a decade

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To build a community of kindred spirits, supporting, appreciating and celebrating each other, to do this work together.

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Mission 4

Are you seeking meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

Are you longing for a deeper connection with your soul ?

Are you yearning to come back home of your own heart and the collective consciousness?

Are you ready to dig deep into “Who am I?” and align every parts of yourself and your life to “Who you really are?"

Are you willing to let go of all the narratives and masks that are not serving you and be fully congruent inside out?

Are you prepared to leave the comfort of a safe but joyless life and begin your vision quest?

The journey of a soul seeker is not easy at times. But it is possible. And so rewarding! We know it. We’ve done it ourselves. Now we are ready and willing to lead the way for you.

In the sacred time we gather together, you will:
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You will be guided by our gifted coaches and mentors – Judy Xu and Crina Ancuta, who will be co-creating with you the circle’s agenda, focusing on the topics which resonate most with your needs, choosing from:
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Through our own journey we learned that we can’t become the best versions of ourselves by ourselves. Magic is happening in a safe container that hosts soul seekers. You can read books, be guided by mentors, but when you share and are heard, when your vulnerability is met with unconditional love and you are held, cheered and sponsored, your growth becomes exponential!
S2 3 15 2023
Come join us! Give yourself 90 minutes, once a month, to connect deeply with yourself and your soul sisters, leaving the session feeling nurtured, empowered and whole.


USD 18

Sponsored Rate.

If you are in financial scarcity and you want to contribute to the world by becoming the best version of yourself.

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USD 48

Standard Rate.

1 tree will be planted on behalf of you to nurture our mother earth.

Tree 8  1

USD 78

Generosity Rate.

For those who are in an abundant space and want to support the community. 2 trees will be planted on behalf of you, to nurture our mother earth.

Clear and quiet your mind. Join our meditation class!
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