Aldo Privileggi

Hypnotherapy, Yuen Method, Meditation Facilitator
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Aldo is an intuitive hypnotherapist with a broad international experience. He has worked in the UK, USA., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and others, in a journey of learning, growing and sharing. He is the author of “Man is Moving Beyond Sickness”, a book full of tools for the transformation of oneself.

“The focus is on the root of the issue, we are not interested in treating symptoms, they will naturally clear by themselves.”

Most of today’s physical and emotional issues – from insomnia, to anxiety, addiction, cigarettes or alcohol – have direct root causes in areas of the mind that are deep and sometimes unconsciously hidden. Aldo works with an understanding of those areas through hypnosis, guiding and connecting the patient with his or her own source of wisdom and in this way triggering an inner transformation.

In his practice of hypnosis, Aldo combines a strong foundation from years of training in all fields of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, with his sensitive intuition and ability to understand an individual’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy body. His special intuition allows him to go very deep in his exploration of the subconscious and his years as an experienced hypnotherapist provide him with the tools to effectively assist and help unleash one’s full potential.

Through hypnosis, Aldo is able to induce a state of profound relaxation in which people “open” their subconscious mind to his exploration. Surprisingly, he goes right to the source of the problem, naturally handling sensitive emotional and personal issues and vulnerable areas with ease and comfort. In this way, he is able to reach breakthroughs and results over a very short period of time.

Aldo’s strongest ability remains in separating out what is worthwhile supporting from what he calls the “beliefs”, that are rooted in the subconscious but are of no further use to one’s well-being, if not the direct cause of the condition.

“When we are aligned within, naturally our outside world will align automatically.”

Through this method and principles, he has touched and transformed the lives of thousands to take ‘action’ and produce ‘real results’. His sensitive and empathic nature have made him an extremely successful and powerful hypnotherapist and healer.

Aldo’s specialisations:
○ Insomnia
○ Anxiety
○ Phobia
○ Smoking cessation
○ Stress
○ Weight Loss


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Therapies by Aldo


Celine Liao

I am so grateful that Aldo shows up in my life and brings out the best part of me and my potential

Before hypnosis sessions with Aldo, I was not happy with my life but I pretended my life was amazing. I took different personal development programs, was a coach for a leadership program, and managed a company with more than 40 people. No matter how much work I did, I never feel enough. I remember my boss asked me what my value is. I was thinking a whole day and could not give her an answer. Later she reduced my salary because she didn’t see my value to the company. I survived in my previous job and my previous relationship for years. I want to resign from job and walked away from relationship but I didn’t know how. During the hypnosis sessions with Aldo, I discovered I had zero self-love and confidence which shapes my behaviors. I was always seeking validation from others. After the sessions, I created a lot of results in my life. I constantly feel supper happy and grateful. I started a new job which allows me balancing work and life; I broke up with my boyfriend and experience the freedom; I started my spiritual path; besides working as a full time employee, I am engaged as a consultant; I started my own business in wellbeing field this year which is aligned with my vision “making money and contribution to others”. I continue taking actions toward my dream and create possibilities. Miracles keep showing up. Without attaching to job title, I get title. Without attaching to money, I get more income. I am so grateful that Aldo shows up in my life and brings out the best part of me and my potential. Love is fortune and I am an abundance of love.

Aldo is literally a nice person with a lot of empathy inside him and he is dedicated to guide people through their own path

As many smokers, I have tried several ways to quit smoking until a friend talked to me about hypnotherapy. I was not reluctant as I always wanted to explore the approach. I contacted Aldo by doing a simple Internet search and I tried my luck. By doing this, I did more than trying to quit smoking. I would quickly discover that my sessions with Aldo helped me not only to quit smoking but it went much further as I discovered the scope of benefits I could enjoy thanks to his guidance to this new world. Aldo is literally a nice person with a lot of empathy inside him and he is dedicated to guiding people through their own path. It is not only a curing or getting rid of approach that Aldo provides but he is truly helping people to enhance their capabilities and consciousness to go over new boundaries. I am blessed to have met such a nice therapist and person and we are now experiencing together new experiences that remind me that quit smoking was a minor topic regarding what I am now improving on myself.
Patrick Rabier

Those sessions also showed me another dimension of myself, tapping in unknown resources of my mind

I first tried Hypnotherapy out of curiosity, having had years of sleep disorders with little to no improvement. After just 2 sessions with Aldo, I managed to find a healthy and restful sleep consistently. Those sessions also showed me another dimension of myself, tapping in unknown resources of my mind. I always like to invest in myself, and Hypnotherapy was definitely worthwhile.
Katherine Wong

I feel safe and supported with his voice and his skillful, conversational guidance

This was the first time I have joined Aldo's group meditation. The experience was inspiring, calm and deeply nourishing to my soul's searching. Aldo guided us to tune in, to let go of attachment and see "who I am" in the present moment. I feel safe and supported with his voice and his skillful, conversational guidance. Once he asked the participants "who I am?", I receive the answer and it related to my issue, concern and deep-rooted fear. It comes in so naturally that I didn't feel shocked or panic, I felt purity and I saw clarity. So I will keep working on this piece and thanks for Aldo's guidance.

It is really liberating and fulfilling

I met Aldo through a friend who told me that he would be able to help me with my relationship problems. Instead of fixing my relationship, I got my affection and compassion back to my parents, my family and people around me. Throughout my sessions, I was also able to realize my true potential to contribute to the other people in my community work. Rather than playing small in my game of life, I am able to play full out without worrying the outcome. It is really liberating and fulfilling. I thank Aldo for opening the doors for me. It was totally magical.

Such amazing results in such a short period of time

I initially took my pre-teen son to see Aldo because he was not responding well to traditional counseling. My son and I were not getting along well at home and it was negatively impacting my emotional and physical health. They say first impression is key; well, I was definitely impressed with Aldo during my first phone conversation with him. He immediately pinpointed the problem that my son was going thru. He spent an hour meeting with my son and I, putting my son at ease prior to starting his hypnotherapy treatment. Though this started with my son, this is a story about my own journey with hypnotherapy. Being there and curious, I also decided to seek out Aldo’s assistance with my insomnia. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I was concerned about my ability to go under a trance. Being an analytical person and tendencies to overthink things did not help. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast he was able to put me at ease to reach a most peaceful, beautiful state that I have ever experienced in my life. During these trances, he would talk to my subconscious to elicits its cooperation thru positive suggestion to help me. In just two sessions, my years of insomnia was cured. With such amazing results in such a short period of time, I decided to further explore and work on other well-being topics that I wanted to address – maintaining ease, letting go of limiting beliefs to maximize my full potential. As an intuitive, Aldo can sense what issues needed to be addressed first even before I raise the issues. With full trust in him, I have started on the most remarkable journey in my life. Each session builds upon the last one, and the results are lasting. The inner transformation is gradual and intensity heightens over time. With Aldo’s help, I feel so much happier, at ease and eager to fully embrace my life. All areas of my life have improved, including my relationship with my son. Even my family, colleagues, and acquaintances have commented on my transformation. They have noted how much calmer, happier, and radiant I look these days. I owe much gratitude to Aldo for helping me reach this point. I consider him a compassionate, empathic, gifted healer who finds passion in healing others. I highly recommend Aldo to anyone who wants to achieve well-being and alignment with life. This will be the best investment and gift to yourself.

I am incredibly thankful for Aldo, who has helped me realize that the possibilities in life are endless and you can achieve anything you want, as long as you want it.

I have always been somewhat of an anxious person, skeptical of most things especially in the “spiritual” realm. When I was recommended by friends and family to see Aldo, I was not sure what to expect. Aldo’s method is very different from anything I have experienced before. There is no interrogation, there are no set rules, nor does he have a set agenda. I first went to see Aldo because I was feeling anxious and quite unhappy about my life. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, was extremely stressed out at work, and feeling miserable. Aldo’s hypnosis reached the core of what truly made me unhappy – he did not tell me what was wrong, nor did he explicitly teach me anything. Through a guided hypnosis and meditation, he helped me discover the root of my problem, encouraged me to “let go”, then “reprogramed” my way of thinking about myself, and the world around me. As a result, I understood the possibilities of a “new me”, one who is unafraid of the world and does not see limits in what one can achieve. He encouraged me to visualize my goals and through each session, guided me on how to realize them. In my case, it was the possibility to feel happy again. Once that was achieved, we worked through the goals in my career. I was completely surprised when these goals not only came to fruition; I even exceeded what I had expected of myself. In addition to realizing ones potential, Aldo’s guided meditation is also a means for deep relaxation. Living and working in a frantic environment, Aldo’s hypnosis is a panacea for the everyday stress that I felt. There have been multiple times during Aldo’s hypnosis sessions, where I slipped into a deep unconscious mode. The peaceful 2 hours or so each week has greatly improved my sleep and made me a much calmer person in general. Needless to say, I am incredibly thankful for Aldo, who has helped me realize that the possibilities in life are endless and you can achieve anything you want, as long as you want it.

I finally found the missing part of me

I have taken different personal development programs. Although I achieved certain results, I felt there has a missing part of myself and I didn't know what that is. I searched answers for years. Recently, I lost the track of my career path and I was about to resign from my current job. One and half months ago, I was introduced to Aldo Privileggi by a friend. I started a journey through the hypnosis by Aldo. During the sessions, I discovered I have talent but no one understood me; I didn't love myself and was always pleasing others all the time; I also suppressed and constrained myself to express who I am. I finally found the missing part of me. Also, I hurt my right ankle in October last year and my injury has not fully recovered since then. I told Aldo and after one of the sessions, I experienced the pain has gone. Every session I did i got amazing results. I have become a person with confidence and I spoil myself now because I deserve it. I got the clarity of my future and I decided to stay at the current job and have been promoted to a new role. It is like magic to experience transformations. Thanks Aldo, for giving me guidance and inspirations.

Instant improvement of self-value

Although it was my first hypnosis experience, Aldo had a way to make me feel comfortable in letting down my guard and go straight into the session. Aldo’s intuition was spot on about my self-value. I’ve been suffering from a low self-value issue for around five years because of a dysfunctional relationship, and Aldo was able to go directly to this core and helped me to re-align my view about myself. It was so touching and meaningful for me to meet my beautiful, mature and attractive self, whom I have lost contact with for so long. Now I finally got to know intimately what it means to Love myself! Thanks for bringing the beautiful self back to me! This experience and this love is priceless! I’d recommend anyone who have any chronic issue, be it mental, emotional or physical, and are tired of getting dissatisfying results to see Aldo for an instant improvement or solution to your issue! His work really is magical and powerful!

Bruxism (teeth grinding whilst sleeping)

Prior to my session with Aldo, actually I was real excited, as this was going to be my first experience about hypnotherapy, so I was kind of looking forward to it. My problem was for many years I have been grinding my teeth and making noise whilst I'm sleeping. My dentist advised me that if I continued grinding my teeth I will permanently damaged in and the whole thing was a bit embarrassing for me. So I asked Aldo to help me with this unpleasant habit. Thus I booked a session, my first session, interesting, I didn't even remember how long I was in hypnosis during the session. All I felt were pleasant sensations of calming and relaxation, and feeling very comfortable. Soundless and steady is the only way I could describe it. It was just amazing, just one time, just one session I had and that was four months ago and still no more grinding teeth it really lasts, till today. Thank you so much Aldo, for making my life happier, I have nothing to worry about anymore when it comes to big time. God bless!

Insomnia (sleeping disorder)

I had heard of Aldo through my son whom had met out of it during lunchtime where they happen to be sharing the same table together. They struck up a conversation which led to my son revealing his three-year struggle with insomnia. Well, Aldo offered to help him there and then. My son had previously tried many things to help his insomnia but with no success, so he jumped to this offer and chance. The next morning my son told me about what had happened and that he had slept all night and woke up feeling great the next day for the first time in three years. Apparently Aldo led him into a hypnosis trance whilst they were at the lunch table and solved his insomnia is to within 30 minutes. At the lunch table even with all the outside noise and activities going on and around. Well, I wasn't convinced that he was cured completely until one week later when he was still sleeping great and he was looking more healthy and fresh. I had not done any hypnosis before and I really didn't believe in it but I could clearly see that it had worked on my son. I had been suffering with insomnia for 20 years and high had not been able to sleep more than two hours per night. My son and I run a business together and my health had been suffering as a result and I was just feeling worn out and tired. I was really ready to give up and try anything at this stage. Two weeks later I called Aldo and explain about my son's success with you and asked if he would be willing to work with me. He was very polite and I felt an instant comfort when I was speaking with him. I could feel that he knew what he was talking about and it was reassuring. Anyway, I had one session with Aldo then and that was two months ago. Since then I have been sleeping 7 to 8 hours each night and it's continuous sleep. I don't have to get up in the middle of the night anymore. I am so happy with the result I just wished I'd had it done this years ago. If you suffer from insomnia don't let it drag on it doesn't get better by itself trust me I know.
Mr. Chan


This is my description of how great my life is change since I met Aldo. I was busy all the time and so depressed because I can't complete things and plans in my life. I have some knowledge of hypnosis, but I was so surprised what I'll do demonstrated and did on the first day we met. I was instantly in hypnosis the same way as what you would see on TV. At that moment, I believe he is a master. After a few conversations with him, he introduced me to subliminal audio and one of his Evolution Series Subliminal Audios. I felt interested in gave one a try. Although designed and Taylor made one for my needs. I always want to improve myself. Then things just started happening! It was incredible! I had a sudden growth of my business and completed lots of plans and targets that hired planned in the past 10 years in just 20 days!!! After that, I booked a session without the, before we started we had a discussion. Aldo is completely different in his approach than others, he understood exactly what I needed and went straight to the source of my problem. After three sessions my life has reached into another level that I could not have imagined possible. Aldo could change your life immediately and I believe in him.

Past Life Regression - Healing a structural issue

Aldo Privileggi has demonstrated his mastery and skill in the field of Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Despite being a pretty difficult subject under hypnosis, he persevered and was able to successfully conduct a session that gave me both emotional and physical healing. His art of improvisation and ability to put people at ease is commendable and is the main reason, I was confident enough to go ahead and attempt such a session and seek the answers I was looking for. As for the physical healing effects of this method, I was having a problem with my knees, which was affecting my posture, and this was instantly sorted out during the session. However, the results of Quantum Healing Hypnosis go far beyond what I have experienced and is something I would recommend if you are looking for additional treatment options. Aldo is an adept hypnotherapist and is definitely someone I would highly recommend if you are looking for this form of healing.

Past Life Regression session

Hi Aldo, thank you so so so much for your health delivering the past life regression session hypnosis. The result is truly astonishing. Although you should have already received a lot of feedback from your other clients, for me, it's really far beyond expectation. To be honest, before the session, I doubted whether I could even go into a Tron's, as I used to be driven by a risk-based skeptical conscious mind, so it's very challenging for me to get involved or agree upon any matter with 100% certainty. Even though I considered myself as 100% open-minded person. With such a contradictory nature, I struggled for a long time, try different things - yoga, meditation and exercise of all kinds and arts etc. - just to reach a sustainable state of peace of mind. To me the PAST link to the soul a true self certainty, in other words, lasting peace of mind/happiness. I have to say, the mission itself was shocking to me as all my queries were answered directly, immediately after the session, I thought okay, thanks! Because I thought that's all there is, however, days that followed, I realized the end of the session was actually the opening. The whole process started and lasted for days and even weeks open brackets in my case]. I can clearly sense how those past things changing forms from something to simplicity. It all happened in those old things they don't exist anymore, not now, so why fear!?. Really, not necessary. As much as I open myself to be more receptive to the force, letting it drive, my mind gets clearer, as it gets clearer it's more relaxed-more is done, less effort is needed. While I thought it was simply good enough for now, something awesomely wonderful happened since that session, I can access freely to reach my subconscious and having inner conversation while I'm in a conscious state. Can you believe it?!. Frankly, I don't even believe it myself but seriously and affirmatively it is true, it is happening! Thank you Aldo, thanks for your help to open the gateway for me, it's the best, if not the most precious gift for me for a year and ever for sure!

Stop smoking and alcohol dependency

Prior to meeting Aldo, I had no interest in hypnosis/hypnotherapy at all, I wasn't even skeptical, it was just that hypnosis and hypnotherapy simply meant nothing to me. Aldo quickly put me at ease and I agreed that I would go along with all the asked of me during the session. In reality, I was expecting nothing. I thought, if it works, then good and if it doesn't well that's okay too. So I was willing I guess, and in a sense open, but had no expectations. When the session started I was immediately impressed with how those approach to what soon became apparent as an intimate time of sharing one's inner life. That relax me a lot and helped me to open up to the process. He also helped me to feel very comfortable and explained that he was not going to lead me into any situation that was beyond what I felt was appropriate or that I had no control over. During the first session Aldo was careful to explain proceedings to me in great detail. When we started the session, he led me instantly into a deep hypnotic state. Lost I was in that state he guided me through a significant experience that was completely unexpected, but completely relevant to my life and where it was up to and at that moment. I was well aware of what was happening at all times, although I was under. Dealing with this issue was timely and had a profound impact on me, much more than he could have known. The relevance of this time without the was pivotal to so many of the issues I was facing in moving on with my life. In fact at key to a release into a freedom I had not been striving for. I'm sure this first session set a foundation for the following sessions allow for the time together working on other areas of my life. I am truly grateful for this experience. Actually, it's more than that. My sessions with Aldo was totally relevant to my life. I feel empowered that some negative issues were dealt with in that some positive reinforcement was given to me in order for me to feel confident in moving ahead. I feel that I gained so much, so therefore I am grateful that I was enriched by this experience. I cannot thank Aldo in off, and would like to finish by saying that all times he was professional, considerate and insightful.

Weight loss

Prior to my session with Aldo, I was rather skeptical about past life regression, but wanted to try my best to keep an open mind. During my session with him, I even remember thinking 'this is silly' at some points. I now know that this was simply my conscious mind trying to keep control of things instead of letting my sub-conscious mind help out. After the session, I began to marry up some of the things that happened in my past life to stuff that was real in this life and it all suddenly began to make a lot of sense. The session revealed why I have had knee problems for so many years, why I have been unable to lose stubborn weight, despite regular exercise and diet, why I had authority issues and stored anger and why I have been unable to attract the right partner into my life. Re-listening to the recording of the session a couple of times gave me more insights too. The results? Since the session I have suddenly begun to lose weight (with-in the first week 2 inches off my waist so far) and people are beginning to comment already. I have already successfully dealt with an authority issue at work that would have previously had me in conflict and I am suddenly enjoying really great connections with women I talk to when I go out. I would heartily recommend Aldo's services - it really is money well spent! It has changed the way I view so many things in my life.

Phobia - fear of spiders

I went to see all due to deal with my fear of spiders that was getting uncontrollable and my reaction was scaring my son. From the initial call I was impressed with his level of questioning and his commitment to educating me about what hypnosis process is and isn't. It gave me a lot of confidence when it came to the session. What happened in the session was not at all what I expected. After the session i felt like I was in a deep relaxation and I felt really light and floaty for hours. I also felt more at ease and relaxed in myself. During my session Aldo took me to the fear of spiders earliest incident, surprisingly, it revealed that it wasn't the spiders I was afraid of at all but what had happened in a traumatic, negative emotional experience, I had experienced as a young girl. They was a spider in my environment at the time and that I had unknowingly unconsciously linked the spider to my fear of helplessness that I experienced in that traumatic situation. This was a powerful new awareness for me and I'll go carefully and sensitively talked me through this afterwards to explain. So now do I like spiders.? Well, it's been four months since my session with Aldo and I don't love them and I don't rush to pick them up but I can now approach them and put them into a Tub and take them outside. My son is able to be curious about the spiders and not see his mom freaking out with fear and helplessness, as was the case before. Aldo's professionalism before during and after sessions is very unique and his devotion to his work is a gift to see. Thank you Aldo.

Stop Smoking

Aldo, I must thank you again as it's been 6 weeks since I had a cigarette and I've had no nicotine gum either! I was at a party on Friday where half the people were smoking. I was drinking alcohol and in that situation I would normally smoke several cigarettes but I had no desire whatsoever. You've definitely blocked out something. I feel so good as well. No cravings or anxiety. I would definitely recommend you! I'm so pleased. I don't think I will need another session, as I can't imagine I will ever smoke again. But if I can decide which other bad habits I need to give up I will let you know!

Why do I recommend Aldo?

It is typically not in my nature to write any public review or testimonial – this is the first testimonial I write in my life. I have a strong calling to write this testimonial for Aldo because he has transformed my life or transformed my life dozens of times! I have got to love myself and love my life in a much deeper and profound way. I believe that many people can also benefit from the holistic and transformative healing gifts of Aldo. I hope that by me sharing this testimonial, more people can learn about his gifts, and benefit from the love and light that he brings, and to those around you.

Why do I recommend Aldo?

Prior to meeting Aldo, I was suffering from chronic insomnia (~ 9 months of not sleeping properly). I tried out all sorts of therapies, healing modalities, did my fair share of guru-shopping – they all worked like temporary band-aids, i.e. I would feel better for a few days and revert to the suffering from insomnia.

The first session with Aldo worked like magic, he took me on a hypnotherapy journey, and for the week after, I slept as soundly as a baby (a very high quality of sleep that I had not enjoyed for years if not for a decade). That was my first experience of the power of working with the subconscious.

Since then, Aldo has worked with me to peel off layers and layers of childhood, familial conditioning, and karmic patterns.
I have transformed from being a person that is stressed and anxious most of the time (I was not even conscious of it previously!), to a person that is mostly stress-free and centred; and from being a person disconnected from emotions to being able to use emotions to learn about myself, and much better flow with it…
I have also learnt to appreciate every challenging relationship I come across is truly a gift and use it to find my inner truth.

As a result of the deep, penetrative work in my subconscious thanks to Aldo, I am living my life mostly in a positive state of being, I am able to enjoy much better work relationships and personal relationships, I have also been able to achieve successes in my professional life, doing what I love. I can honestly credit my significant results and accomplishments in my career, since the time I met Aldo to his transformative healing

[I have also experienced the connection of emotional and physical well-being. I used to be a frequent visitor to the doctors (doctors’ visit once a month is common, sometimes more than once a month); since the therapies with Aldo, I have become noticeably physically healthier, and much less prone to falling sick – (touch wood), I was able to not having to visit the doctors for consecutive 5 – 6 months. It’s a remarkable change!]
One thing that set Aldo apart is his humility and his growth attitude. He never stops growing and developing personally. Despite his powerful gift (as I perceive), he remains humble and constantly keeps his ego in check. This is very refreshing for me, as I had experiences of easily spotting complacency or stagnancy rather quickly with other healers after working with them a couple sessions. I can attest that Aldo is a healer than one can grow with.

Who would I recommend Aldo to?

I would recommend anyone who is looking for healing experiences that are highly efficient, effective, and completely effortless, whether to solve a one-off illness or obstacle, or for a deeper transformative series, and in particular.

To anyone who has difficulties with
- Insomnia
- Stress and anxiety
- Physical pain illness
- Challenging relationships (work, family, romantic)

And also, to anyone who is looking to:
- Manifest successes at work and experience abundance
- Find his/her own true self
- Uncover his/her own inner potentials
- Practice self-love
- Transform own life and experience positive transformation around him/herself
- Release own subconscious blockages, conditioning, programs from family and childhood, and even karmic patterns
- Grow

How would I describe the healing experiences?

I would describe the healing experiences are better than having a spa/ facial. Each session is a pleasurable discovery itself, you can never predict which approach Aldo will take, but they are always extraordinarily pampering, amazing and sensational.

Applying his intuitive and psychic gifts, he knows exactly what I need for that particular moment in time, and draws from his vast toolbox of multiple modalities (hypnotherapy, QHHT, quantum touch, channelling etc.), to help me release deep subconscious programs that do not serve me. I appreciate his consistency of high standards and precision.

Every session feels like a transformation in itself.

Thank you, Aldo.

Quit Smoking

Hi everyone! I am Sophie and I would like to share my hypnotherapy session with Aldo. Is there anybody who has done that with Aldo here? It will be great to hear other people’s experiences too.
I saw Aldo in Nov last year because I was having such a hard time quitting smoking. I had been smoking for about 20 years since I was 16. In my 20s I enjoyed smoking but as I turned 30s, my body started to react badly. I got a cold very often. I was sick all the time. And smoking was becoming anti-social as well.

So I decided to quit it. I tried all sorts of ways. I read so many books about how bad smoking is. I also did vaping for a while but vaping was the same thing with smoking. In the end it gave me so much headache. A couple of times, I had some successes. I quit for a week and once I quit for a year. But when I quit, my life turned very miserable. Whenever something stressful happened, the only thing I could think of was if I can just smoke one cigarette! My husband and my friends started to say that I look too stressed and depressed. They were right. I was extremely depressed. I avoided all kinds of social gatherings because it meant I might be surrounded with smokers. I didn’t want to become this kind of person and in the end, with huge withdrawal symptoms, I started smoking all over again.

The hypnotherapy session was recommended by one of my friends, who is a professor and a successful entrepreneur. At first I thought it was really mumbo jumbo. But I also thought if this smartest person recommends, why not? So I researched and researched hypnotherapy and booked Aldo. I did two sessions. During that time he gave me a completely different perspective over smoking. And so many of his words, gosh, blew my mind. I cannot spell out all of the words he said because it might be his own recipe. One thing I can tell you is he knew exactly how the mind and brain work and he gave me a different paradigm for life. During the trans, I was so happy that I made this decision. The therapy was so enjoyable and relaxing.

And after those two sessions, I have never smoked. I don’t have any kind of withdrawal symptoms. I don’t feel any sort of desire for smoking even when I am surrounded with smokers. I really cannot believe I did it. I never, ever imagined a life as a non-smoker. I always thought I was so screwed. So many people who quit smoking say, quitting smoking is like quitting it for life and it takes so much effort in your entire life. Well, I don’t agree. Effort means being very difficult. If it is very difficult, it will relapse. I don’t put any kind of effort into not smoking now. It really feels like I never, ever smoked in my whole life. So crazy because I smoked 20 years.. Now I am trying a different session with Aldo. I am sure it will be successful. After 6 months, I will share those successes again! Thank you so much, Aldo. You prevented my future lung cancer and literally saved my life.

Ludwig Fella

Within 2 months, Aldo has helped our daughter Sofie (20 years) to release herself from a cage of depression, anxiety and panic attacks

Within 2 months, Aldo has helped our daughter Sofie (20 years) to release herself from a cage of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Sofie studies psychology in the US and is truly amazed at what happened to her in Hong Kong.

I feel so inspired that I will start my own journey with Aldo. I have been biting my nails since I can think of, and probably some other negative or obsolete programs in my subconscience. Aldo happily agreed that I shared my journey with you


Self-confidence and anxiety issues

I have struggled with anxiety and self-confidence issues for many years. I had decided to see a psychotherapist to help me work through some of these struggles. After many sessions with the psychotherapist, I knew inside that it was not beneficial to me, not only was it costly, but, I had self-doubt and felt as though it was best I continue to see the psychotherapist. I thought it must be something wrong with me as to why I was not feeling like I was making progress.

A friend spoke how she had gone to see a hypnotherapist named Aldo. The way she spoke about her experience with him made me want to make an appointment to see Aldo. I would not say I am an overly spiritual person, but I felt like it was meant to be that I made an appointment with Aldo, and I am so happy that I did. I can honestly say that the value that I got from one session with Aldo far outweighed the many sessions I had with my psychotherapist. After my first session with Aldo, I decided to no longer see my psychotherapist.

I am open to learning new things, and I love Aldo’s approach. Even though I said to Aldo, I wanted to improve my sleep and work on my anxiety due to moving to a new country. He helped me to realise that it was something deeper and if we can first work on the deeper issue that the other surface issues will, in return, diminish. I no longer struggle with my sleep; this is a huge step for me as this has been an issue for my entire adulthood. I also feel stronger, more self-confident and happy to navigate this crazy, amazing thing we call life.

I can genuinely say that what I have learned about myself already through Aldo’s guidance, healing and hypnotherapy has not only helped me to feel more confident and less anxious but I am the happiest I have ever been. I love going to my sessions with Aldo, and I would highly recommend making the step to work with him, you will not regret it.


Well I'm happy to say that thanks to Aldo and is knowledge and healing energy work I'm no longer allergic

I used to suffer from severe allergies from all sorts of things, sometimes I didn't even know where the allergy was coming from. I never had this as a child or when I was a teenager it started in my late twenties early thirties. Dishwashing liquid, Fabric softener, sunblock, colognes, aftershaves, shaving creme, Shampoo, soap You name it, all sorts of things and I used to come out with big welts and rashes the size of my whole thigh that would sometimes last for 3 weeks.
The doctors and skin specialists prescribed many different sorts of creams and combination of creams and steroid creams and nothing worked,!

I would have some relief but had to apply cremes all the time. Best i could expect and get was a slight management of the rash until it faded and to avoid all of the things and foods that i was allergic to ..which was stressfu in itself . Some things that I actually enjoyed and like the taste of and the beautiful scent of cologne..

I gave up and just thought id have to live with it...has It had been a long journey and it was quite confusing at times to wonder why I like the taste of something but I couldn't eat it because my skin would react.

Well I'm happy to say that thanks to Aldo and is knowledge and healing energy work I'm no longer allergic to any of these chemicals and substances and foods and I can eat them, touch them, where my favorite colognes and AND NOW I'M COMPLETELY FREE OF ALL ALERGIES THAT I KNOW OF ANYWAY..

Wearing a nice liberally splashed on favourite cologne today.

Nigel B

I would highly recommend Aldo to anyone who is struggling with an issue or challenge in their life or is just seeking to manifest something they desire.

I went to Aldo for sessions recently and I was blown away by how effective they were. I had been feeling heavy with various challenges I was facing, and over the course of a couple of weeks the sessions with Aldo felt truly beneficial and the effects are still with me. He is highly connected and works with source energy and his instinctive guidance is very accurate. Not only that he is very professional and caring in his approach. I would highly recommend Aldo to anyone who is struggling with an issue or challenge in their life or is just seeking to manifest something they desire.
Thank you Aldo!


Highly recommend to experience the transformational wonderful sessions with Aldo

I am very grateful for the amazing sessions that I experienced with Aldo which was transformational and deeply healing. Aldo is very aware and has amazing knowledge and shares high vibrational intuitive guidance and information that is accurate and very helpful. During the sessions my energies felt very aligned and I had deep spiritual experiences feeling connected to my heart and higher self. I feel that my energy shifted to a positive state of flow and I had breakthrough realizations that helped me to keep my own energies balanced which was very empowering . I felt very relaxed during and after the sessions which contributed towards being more productive and staying energetic. Highly recommend to experience the transformational wonderful sessions with Aldo