Dr. Ruth Lee is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncturist licensed both in China and Hong Kong. She graduated from the widely acclaimed Chinese University of Hong Kong and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and has acquired valuable knowledge in pediatric Tuina. Dr. Lee is the author of “The Soft Touch of Tiger Moms” in which she introduces the unique AcuTouch Baby Tuina, which does not only promote bonding between parents and their babies, but also promotes the physical and mental health of babies.

AcuTouch is a fun and accessible tool enabling parents to take an active interest in promoting their children’s development and well-being. There are a total of 12 combos in her book. Each combo lasts for 5 minutes and is designed for one specific health need. You can choose to do one combo or a combination of a few in a session, depending on how much time is available and what are the areas you want to focus on. So it is flexible enough for busy parents to fit AcuTouch into their lifestyle. While you are performing the combos, you may use familiar lullabies from your childhood or pick the nursery rhythms suggested in her book and sing along.

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Lee’s book “The Soft Touch of Tiger Moms” that will teach you the basic Tuina strokes to help strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Start – Invisible Cloak

To begin, we should start all sessions with an opening sequence – the Invisible Cloak. This is a routine that serves two purposes. First, a gesture to formally seek the baby’s permission to maneuver his body, and thus will become a cue for sessions to begin going forward. Second, it prepares the baby both physically and mentally for the Tuina to go. By laying your warm hands over his body, your baby feels secure either with or without clothing on, just as if he is being adorned with an invisible cloak. This will positively condition your child to associate AcuTouch with esteem, relaxation and love.

Choose Your Combo

It all depends on how much time you have for the AcuTouch session. If you only have 5 minutes, then just do the Immune Booster, which is the most important combo as it aims at strengthening the immune system of your baby. I would recommend Immune Booster to be the core combo in every session, with other combos being add-ons.

Basic Tuina Strokes You Need to Know for the Immune Booster

To start AcuTouch Baby Tuina…


Immune Booster

Immunity is a defense mechanism consisting of cells, proteins and organs that fight off external pathogens. As the antibodies that the baby received from her mother dissipate during the first few months after birth, we need to help her build her own fort. AcuTouch Immune Booster is a powerful way to regulate the 12-Organ Systems with special focus on the Spleen, Stomach and Lung. Good appetite and efficient digestive functions enable her body to produce sufficient defensive Qi that wards off dis- eases. Just 5 minutes a day, you can help your baby strengthen her immune system, which sets the foundation for a fulfilling childhood.

For more information, please read “The Soft Touch of Tiger Moms” by Dr. Ruth Lee, also available for purchase at Balance Health.

Chapter from by Dr. Ruth Lee’s book “The Soft Touch of Tiger Moms”

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