Acupuncture for TMJ and Facial Paralysis

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Jaw tenderness or pain accompanied by facial pain, outer ear pain and lock joint? You might be experiencing TMJ. Tempromandibular joint disorder or popularly called TMJ is a condition due to several factors such as strained ligaments or tendons, stress or sore muscles. Acupuncture is among the popular alternative or Traditional Chinese Medicine methods that we can check out if we are having TMJ disorder.

Some of us deem acupuncture as a miracle practice or treatment as it can help in a lot of ways to improve our quality of life. Whether it is emotional or physical concerns, acupuncture can help us. Among the conditions that the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice is beneficial to are insomnia, anxieties, allergies, cramps, stress and chronic pain.

Acupuncture sessions also can also be effective in treating people who are having health concerns such as TMJ disorder as well as facial paralysis. A clinical study participated by 70 dental patients showed how acupuncture for TMJ can be effective. Results reflected in the study found that 85% of patients who joined the study experienced 75% lesser pain intensity post their acupuncture sessions.

A Closer Look at Acupuncture TMJ

Acupuncture relieves the stress from our facial muscles as well as our jaw. The usual acupuncture session begins with a TCM expert inserting thin needles into our acupressure points. Once the needles are in place, the points will release the pressure. The pressure will then trigger our body’s natural healing processes.

Considered as a holistic health treatment, we can benefit from this TCM practice. It targets the other pressure points in our body and aims to address the root cause of the medical condition. With this holistic approach, it can also help resolve all the other related medical issues in the same treatment sessions. Gif Maker 2022 06 21T181416.800

Facial Acupuncture Near Me


Another helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine practice is the electro acupuncture. When done by a registered TCM expert, it can help patients achieve facial paralysis recovery. Electro acupuncture targets the root cause of the health condition, stimulates blood flow and brings the Qi energy back to balance. 


Balance Health offers different acupuncture Hong Kong sessions to support you in your holistic health journey. We have registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to help you identify the best treatment method for you. Whether it is facial acupuncture, electro acupuncture or abdominal acupuncture, our TCM practitioners and other wellness experts will be there to guide you in this journey.


Learn more about Balance Health acupuncture Hong Kong treatments and other effective Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies such as cuppingmoxibustionwomen’s treatments and fertility treatments. We also support you in these pandemic times. We have online TCM consultations to support you wherever you are.

Heal, grow and have a blissful life. Contact us and book your acupuncture Hong Kong treatment with the expert.



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