“Activate” the Mystic Healing Power

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Energy healing aims to alleviate the discomfort in one’s mind and body caused by the deviation of the magnetic field within one’s energy system. Energy healers can activate one’s client’s energy and healing power both locally or at a distance through remote healing. Our healer connects with the client by expanding their own energy and consciousness and the client’s system will be restored after reconnecting with their inherent healing power. Each person feels differently after the session. One will start to become aware of own exquisite emotions and gradually develop keener senses. After which, clarity is found and one’s health is further strengthened.

Through this healing method “Activate”, pregnant women are helped to deepen the connection between mother and child, allowing the mother to have a deeper understanding of motherhood to enhance connection with child. For other patients, this healing method can extend one’s consciousness, deepen themselves and awaken the power of self-healing, balance the system, and find joy and calm in life.

“Activate” is recommended (but not limited to) for the following concerns:
-Anxiety disorders
-Physical pain
-Children with abbnormal brain development, ADHD and autism
-Pregnancy care

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