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Barbara Friend

“I have been delighted with the results.”

“Not knowing much about Kineseology, I decided to attend a talk given by Gosia Stockley. I was impressed by potential of this alternative healing treatment and decided to book a couple of sessions and see if this approach to rebalancing energy and clearing blockages would make a difference to a couple of long standing personal challenges of both a physical and behavioural nature. I have been delighted with the results. The process is non-threatening and relaxing and almost immediately positive changes become apparent daily, which can be reinforced with further sessions. Gosia’s approach shows deep knowledge of kineseology and is direct and empathetic. The hands on treatment is non-invasive and comforting. The key to success is to be honest with oneself and Gosia. I will certainly continue to include Kineseology as part of my personal health programme and would strongly recommend Gosia. Try one session and see for yourself!”

Rachelle Conradie
Discovery Bay HK (36 weeks pregnant), Nia Technique & creative movement facilitator, yogini, editor and mother

“One of the reasons my pregnancy (36 weeks) is really going well so far, is because of receiving regular treatments from Anne.”

“I have been going to Anne for a number of times for Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork treatments before and during my pregnancy with my second child. I believe that one of the reasons for my pregnancy really going well so far at 36wks, is because of receiving regular treatments to balance all the imbalances that can so easily occur during pregnancy, due to the numerous hormonal changes in the body.
Anne has a very sensitive and exceptional ability to listen to what the body presents and it is easy to relax in her nurturing, reassuring and confident presence. In her therapeutic work she includes both Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork, which she can combine skilfully and beautifully. I have found the combination to have a very powerful and supportive effect – especially her verbal guidance brings a deep body/mind relaxation, integration and awareness. Shiatsu can release physical, emotional and mental tension or blockages through the stimulation of specific points on the Asian acupressure meridian system. This stimulation of both the (lack) yin and (excess) yang energy presented in the body and organs helps to balance and restore the body’s innate healing ability. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu both facilitates the body to resolve and prevent pain and illness. Through Somatic Bodywork, Anne guides your body through subtle, natural movements to restore and resolve blockages or even trauma that has been consciously or unconsciously stored in the body. This movement therapy gently and safely guides you to increase your ability to tolerate difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions, which is very helpful during pregnancy and especially birth. The treatment continues to work, as in Osteopathy and other therapeutic bodywork, and will take its natural time to integrate and settle in the newness of your balanced body for a few days after the treatment. It is therefore important to wait a few days after the treatment before doing any other therapeutic bodywork or strenuous exercise.
In pregnancy and preferably even before pregnancy, I believe it is our duty as women to detoxify, clarify, heal to prepare our bodies to the best of our abilities and give our children the utmost chance of being healthy and experiencing a safe and an as easy as possible birth. I can truly recommend Anne’s therapeutic work if you share my belief and would allow her to guide your body to heal and open towards your natural mind/body awareness and increase the confidence in your body’s ability to experience a healthy pregnancy, conscious birth and as a result a more content and happy baby.”

Yoga Instructor, Facial Reflexology

“My body could recover from the tiredness smoothly”

“Anne is a professional, skilled and very experienced Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. I highly recommend her work to those who have been searching alternative method to stimulate & balance the body.
She explains the process and intention of the treatment. She always understands what I need and so the result of the treatment has been always maximised.
After coming back from an intensive & long-flight business trip, my abdominal was tightened so much and I could feel that the energy was not flowing good enough due to circulation blockage as well as the weakened abdominal.
Yet, thanks to Anne’s Chi Nei Tsang, my body could recover from the tiredness smoothly and could release unnecessary stress from my body.
I simply like & enjoy each session with her – Thank you, Anne!”

Thierry J.

“I recommend using Shiatsu with Anne.”

“Shiatsu sessions with Anne Cousin are a real good work and leisure time to better understand my body works physically and mentally.
Having an intense international business life mixed with mountain marathons during the cooler season and strong physical training for dragon boat races season, I enjoy the therapy balance between pressure massages, relaxation, flex joints, breathing and muscles exercises.
Every week or every month, depending on needs, I recommend using Shiatsu with Anne for her professional and friendly approach of the body balance.”


“Just what I needed.”

“I went to see Martin when my grief lasted longer than expected. I felt like I wasn’t able to move on with my life and I was stuck in bouts of anxiety. I felt that seeking professional help would be the first step to making a change that I so wanted in my life. Martin was the perfect therapist for this job. He was very professional and told me what I needed to hear. Not only was the patient/doctor session great but Martin is someone who I can call a life mentor. I value his opinions and trust that he is someone I can go to for honest life advice. The homeopathic remedy he gave me worked miraculously. My grief slowly dissipated. I no longer felt stuck and was ready to move on with my life. Thank you Martin!”

Justyna Hackmann

“Gosia’s knowledge about her subject matter is excellent.”

“I have used Gosia for both Reiki and Kinesiology and have found these sessions extremely beneficial, both in terms of general well being and in addressing some long term health issues that I have had. Gosia’s knowledge about her subject matter is excellent, as is the advice that she has given to me. I would thoroughly recommend using Gosia for both Reiki and Kinesiology treatments.”

Aga Clouet

“I feel Gosia genuinely cares about me as a person.”

“I have enjoyed my time with Gosia. I am impressed how she wants to fix not just my symptoms but my core underlying issues that are causing my problems. I am excited about the changes that are to come.”

Elisabeth Mok

“I approached Irene for a massage as I experienced nervousness, stress, IBS and lower back pain.”

“I approached Irene for a massage as I experienced nervousness, stress, IBS and lower back pain after moving to Dubai last summer. After the first massage Irene gave me feedback about my problem zones of stress that felt cold to the touch cold (lower back and feet) and advice what to do at home to alleviate my problems. She also gave me a bottle with the aromatherapy oils for my own perusal after showering and a brief recap by email about my tense and dry areas.”

Meltem Deniz
Managing Director in Hong Kong

“I can only highly recommend Anne, she is a blessing to the world.”

“Before Anne I had no experience of Somatics and Shiatsu. I did not know what to expect. I tried over the years a lot of different healing techniques and therapists but many of them left me even more imbalanced or depressed. Having a stressful job and suffering from hormonal imbalance I came with the hope to Anne to help me to cope with the stress and to balance my body. She did more than that. Anne is incredible, each of her treatments are a journey to connect with your body and soul. Anne helped me to release past traumas and beliefs, which were deeply anchored in my cells. She reconnected and showed me the incredible self-healing power of my body. Anne’s attentiveness, her caring and relaxed manner and most of all her compassion makes it easy to relax and let go of problems and open up about your fear, pain and emotions. She helped me to learn to ground myself, be present in the now and the most important lesson compassion for myself, which changed my lifestyle and perception completely. I can only highly recommend her, as she is a blessing to the world. Thank you, Anne.”

Dr. Cherisse Yang
Holistic Chiropractor, The White Hare, Hong Kong

I feel Anne always listens to my body’s needs.”

“Being a bodyworker, I am very selective when choosing practitioners to work on my body. The sessions I have had with Anne were all very transformational, yet gentle. After the first session, my bowel movement improved and I developed more awareness in my abdominal area – a part of my body that stored a fair bit of tension. Anne understands the subtle cues from the body and I feel she always listens to my body’s needs.”

Kay Ross
Hong Kong

“I could breathe more deeply, and my heart felt more relaxed and open.”

“I had a series of three detox massages with Anne. I sometimes felt my body shaking as deep tension was released. I especially liked how the massages included the use of sound – as I was making the various sounds, I could feel the vibration in my tissues. That loosened up the tension in my chest and abdomen, and I could feel my organs becoming unstuck and moving more freely. I could breathe more deeply, and my heart felt more relaxed and open.”

Lisa B.
United Kingdom

“Anne works her magic.”

“I have experienced Shiatsu by a number of experienced therapists but I have to say Anne works her magic with this modality. I came to Anne with hope of balancing my body and she did so much more. Her attention to detail of my needs, her caring manner added to the depth of her treatment. Not only did Anne balance my system and relieve stress, I also felt refreshed and uplifted. I wish Anne was still in America to receive regular treatment but wish her well on her journey and dreams.”

Yonanda Doornmalen

“This was the most amazing experience I have encountered at Balance Health with Victor Geronimo.”

“This was the most amazing experience I have encountered at Balance Health with Victor Geronimo. I recently had a fall and hurt my rib, it was very painful to lye down and get up. Victors amazing work, using a combination of Integrative Manual Therapy and The Yuen Method cleared all the pain and healed the bruising. The pain has stayed away as if it had never been there! So whenever I have a discomfort or injury Victor is THE MAN to see!”

M. Ashworth

“I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone interested.”

“As a repeat student I enjoyed and felt I had got more out of the seminar this time round. The previous and first time I found a little bewildering………. so, a big “shift” for me — both in understanding and enjoyment. I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone interested.”

Stephen Field

“I came because of my cancer and ended up feeling very healthy.”

“I came because of my cancer and ended up feeling very healthy, other than catheter, and feel like my life has changed. I feel stronger, more alive and that I do have a future. The course was excellent!!!”

Bettina Beranek-Stappert
Psychotherapist (Licensed by the German Health Council)

“Martin is a very good counsellor in all challenges of life.”

“I got to know Martin Mailaender during his seminar about personal development, which deeply inspired me. Since then I have been attending regularly seminars (weekly) for communication-training and charakter-science, which proved extremely helpful, not only for my work as a psychotherapist, but even more for my personal development and wellbeing. Desiring to learn more, I also attended his very conclusive personal coachings for intelligent therapeutical work. I experienced Martin Mailaender as a very competent, reliable and friendly colleague. He posseses the fantastic skill to attune within a short time to complex pr cases and to offer practicable solutions. Furthermore, he is a very good counsellor in all challenges of life. I’m looking forward to attend more of Martin’s interesting seminars in the future.”

a mother

“I am very grateful to Wendy.”

“My son hurt his head when he was a baby then started having epileptic seizures when he was around 7 years old and has since then been taking anti-epileptic medication. The frequency and the severity of the seizures and the side effects of his medication started me on a journey to find alternative means to alleviate if not to cure his condition. Apart from seizures, he had other challenges – his attention span was short and had difficulty in controlling/expressing his emotions which usually resulted to hitting other people. My son started seeing Wendy in November 2008 and since then has had major physical and emotional improvements after less than 3 months of therapy. IMT has alleviated his seizures (frequency and severity have decreased dramatically), the school has stopped calling me (the social worker used to call me almost everyday about him loosing his temper in school) and the school principal told me that my son has become a happier boy. He said to me “I am tired of violence.” He used to not like to read but now he can sit down and read for 2 hours straight! This is a great improvement indeed for a boy with a short attention span and who hated reading. I am very grateful to Wendy who gives homework (yes! parents have to do something at home too) and did not keep me in the dark as to what she is doing and will be working on thus making me actively involved in my son's journey to health and wholeness.”

a mother of two

“It has been a fascinating journey with Wendy.”

“Wendy has been extremely pleasant, helpful, thorough and effective. I always have lots of questions to ask about Craniosacral therapy, which Wendy uses to treat my son's headache. And it has been a fascinating journey with her. Thank you Wendy.”

Ursula Rueede
Mother of two

“Wendy is highly skilled at what she’s doing.”

“I went and saw Wendy for the first time around three months ago because of a stiff and painful neck. She did an assessment on my body and thoroughly explained to me what systems in my body were involved that were causing the pain, and she told me that we’d have to go to the core of the problem, rather than treating the neck itself. After one follow up session, the pain and stiffness in my neck disappeared, my accompanied headaches became less and less. The headaches too, are gone now. Wendy also points out the importance of a balanced diet and she gave me a lot of information regarding this subject. Then, not too long ago, I’ve had a series of unfortunate events which included two surgeries within one week, which left my body/central nervous system in shock. She used IMT combined with Craniosacral Therapy on me to release the emotions and to linger my physical discomforts. She has done an incredible job doing so. Truly amazing! Wendy is highly skilled at what she’s doing. To me, she’s a first class therapist who has helped me in many ways. P.S. Wendy does give homework! But not to worry, it’s only in a self healing way, yet again, very effective. Thank you!”


“I can see an easing of the tension in his body.”

“My son is autistic, has a general discomfort and tightness especially in the head area. During treatments with Wendy he becomes calmer and I can see an easing of the tension in his body. I believe that IMT treatment contributes to his overall recovery process in conjunction with biomedical intervention and ABA therapy.”

Amanda Pratt

“A very calm and welcoming place, with incredibly friendly, understanding and professional staff.”

“My children and I have all had very positive results after our treatments at Balance. Due to a serious accident, I have suffered from intense back and shoulder pain for several years, but since undergoing IMT and more recently the Yuen method. I am virtually pain free. My children now sleep through the night (a huge bonus!) and are less prone to coughs and cold since they started taking Bush Flower Remedies. Physically and mentally, I feel much stronger and have recommended Balance too many of my friends. It is a very calm and welcoming place, with incredibly friendly, understanding and professional staff.”

Susanna Harkonen

“Dr. Yuen’s teachings have been immediately applicable.”

“Dr. Yuen is a remarkable healer and teacher, and his three workshops were an extraordinary experience. I have seen and felt the benefits on numerous levels personally and with people that I have worked on. Dr. Yuen’s teachings have been immediately applicable, and it is just mind blowing how well this technique work! Thank you so very much for organising the workshops and bringing Dr. Yuen to Hong Kong.”

Ms. Man

“She has a good planning on what to do regarding my illness.”

“Dr. Yu is really nice and she has a good planning on what to do regarding my illness. She gives comment on what to do in daily life, not just giving you the medicine.”


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