A 30 Minute Experience With Bone Setting Guru Dr. Henry

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With the touch of his three fingers against the pulse of my wrist, Bone Setting master, Dr. Henry determined that my spine was out of alignment. Through his gentle touch up and down my vertebrae, he immediately knew that my neck and lower spine were slightly shifted to the left.

Through our modern lifestyle and the frequency of imbalanced positions, we start to mold our body out of shape. Our body, our temple, our home. The structure of the bones in the body make up the foundation for our health and longevity. And like it or not, misalignment can eventually lead to more detrimental impacts, as patient David knows about all too well (names are changed for privacy).

Like the majority of Dr Henry’s male patients, David had a sports injury that did not heal properly. This, unsurprisingly, lead to back pain. However, it might come as surprise to some that this poorly healed sports injury also created urinary incontinence as a byproduct. The health benefits of Bone Setting are diverse as I was about to discover for myself. Now it is my turn to try Bone Setting.

Dr. Henry placed his hands on my face and skillfully turned my head from one side to the other. He then hooked his arms under my armpits and gently pulled my back to the left, re-correcting my spinal column back into its rightful place. I admit I was initially nervous about the treatment but it was not scary at all, if anything it was a much needed release! To ensure maximum healing, Dr Henry then proceeded to give me Acupuncture, which is coupled with the Bone Setting to relax the muscles, stimulate qi energy and trigger the release of muscle memory. It was fascinating treatment and the surprises did not stop there…

I learnt that in my case, the shift in the cervical vertebrae caused my spinal column to bear greater weight down to the base of my lumbar spine. Little did I know that this was forcing my kidney organ out of balance, leading to feelings of fatigue, sluggishness, and irregular menstrual cycles. Eager to know more, I asked Dr Henry the following questions – I hope it helps anyone considering Bone Setting I can honestly say that it was a reinvigorating experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Facts and FAQ

Bone Setting versus Chiropractors. What is Bone Setting?
Bone Setting takes on a more holistic approach which considers how our skeletal system interacts with the body as a whole. Whereas Chiropractors focuses directly on the interrelationship of the nervous and skeletal system.

An example of holistic elements is how Bone Setting embraces the concept of a vital life force. As briefly mentioned before, It looks at the body in its entirety by treating the skeletal alignment of the body in connection with the muscular system, meridians, circulatory system, and the organ system. Largely influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bone Setting applies holistic modalities, such as acupuncture and massage to restore bones back in place. The objective is to treat imbalances in the body and restore the natural flow of qi.

Why does misalignment happen?
Modern lifestyle habits, such as sitting incorrectly (our 8-5 office jobs!), sport injuries, weight bearing.

Who is it for?
● Babies and young children
● Sports enthusiasts and athletes
● 8-5 workers with a more sedentary lifestyle
● Seniors
● Everyone that is open to taking a fuller and holistic exploration of their body!

How many sessions are necessary?
On average, Dr. Henry books sessions twice a week for 10 weeks.

What would you recommend along with the treatment?
Any practice that will enhance your mind and body connection; meditation, yoga, qi gong. Chinese herbs are sometimes prescribed to help fortify the organ system if it is out of balance.

What makes Dr. Henry different?
Dr. Henry establishes a personal connection to treat every single client of his by exploring the problem with a gentle and nurturing touch. With his personal approach, he is recognized for treating babies and older patients, with more fragile bones. Dr. Henry is also known to use multiple modalities in his practice to treat the body like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Patients have come for his treatments from far and wide – including America!

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