6 Self Care Tips to Increase Feminine Energy

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I am blessed that having a woman’s body and understand that everyone has both sides of masculine and feminine. We didn’t choose our sex but we definitely can decide what energy we want to put on externally and internally.

Let’s make it clearer. What are “masculine” and “feminine”? In the English language, “masculine” means “like a man.” And while most men are more masculine, masculine energy still doesn’t mean “like a man” and vice versa, feminine line energy still doesn’t mean “like a woman”. Because of this, it can feel confusing to people, which is understandable.

Masculine energy is penetrative. It is dominant, logical, hard, direct, solid, and structured. It is “doing” energy.
Feminine energy is receptive. It is submissive, intuitive, soft, indirect, ever-changing, and fluid. It is “being” energy.

While writing the self-care suggestions, I am writing to everybody, men and women. Why I value self-care? Because I believe any healing needed to start from our souls and while practicing self-care, we are getting more clarity about whom we are and who we want to be as well as empowering our inner femininity.

6 Self Care Tips To Increase Feminine Energy

1. Making Time to Rest

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Rest is a word that sounds so easy to say and hard to do. Rest comes in many forms, stop overworking and scheduling plans, taking a nap, having a cup of tea, in touch with nature, turning off your mobile phone during the weekend, etc. When we feel charged and rested, we would feel more open to the sense and not being overwhelmed by the hectic world, especially after a long working day. I do think that if you don’t make time to rest, we would have to make time for illness eventually. Being Feminine is about being to be receptive anytime and an open heart and mind are essential.

2. Practicing Yoga Pose Hip Openers

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From my yoga practice, I like to share any hip-opening poses with people who want to experience their femininity. A woman’s reproductive area is extremely powerful as it is the place to give birth to new life. In the Chinese language, uterus means “child palace.” To protect the sacred place, we need to make sure it is moving effortlessly and not blocked by our negative emotions. We are easy to store negative emotions in big joints and hips are the most common one. Highly recommend poses: deep lunge, lizard pose, butterfly pose, pigeon pose, and easy pose for beginners.



3. Balancing Root and Sacral Chakras

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In Reiki practice, I like to make sure that the root and sacral chakras are in place whenever happens. The root chakra represents safety, identity, and basic needs, we like it to be solid and unshakable. Sacral chakra represents sexuality, creativity. It is very important to feel balanced with these two energy points while we embrace femininity. Before going to bed, you might slightly put your hands on your abdominal area and feel the pulsing from your fingers. It is an interesting observation, as you may feel released from stress while practicing self-Reiki.



4. Creating

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It is related to the reproductive system, which is to create. To shake things up in your routine you can paint, write a poem, write a song, garden, create any kind of artwork, or cook a delicious meal for yourself and others. The moment you create, you are channeling the image of a muse and this is tremendously powerful.



5. Taking Slow Bath or Shower

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Feminine energy is like water, in touch the feeling of a flow helps us to slow down and embrace the beauty of subtleness. Taking some time to let the water touch your body since every inch of your skin can be very sensual. For me, opening to senses is truly feminine and you can practice this feeling by taking a slow bath, lighten up a candle, playing some soft music and explore your senses.



6. Meditating and Channeling the Golden Pink Color

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There are so many kinds of meditation styles that you can explore. One of my favorite meditations is color channeling. By sitting still or lying down, close your eyes and visualize bringing the light of Golden Pink Color covering your whole body from the top of your ceiling. I recommend it to anyone who is visual. Golden light is powerful while pink light is very therapeutic and comforting.

Embrace it, accept it and play with it!

You’ll feel completely comfortable with yourself. Completely free to be yourself, in the way that you naturally are.

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