5 Quick Tips for Keeping You Healthy in Winter

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Step Outside
With the heat beginning to simmer down, now is the perfect time to start being active outdoors. Whether it’s jogging, an intense TRX class or some gentle yoga – you will definitely benefit from being in a new, refreshing environment! We can picture it now: the sun our faces with a gentle breeze to cool us down… almost makes us want to workout!

Stay Hydrated
Usually when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty or bored! And just because you are not dripping in sweat doesn’t mean you can stop drinking water. There are lots of great apps on the market now that make sure you have the 8 recommended glasses of water per day. Also try setting reminders on your phone. Another tip? Try a Cambridge Water Flavouring if you find plain water bland.

Pencil Things In
Make sure that you put time aside to do the 3 most important things for staying healthy: exercise, eating and grocery shopping. Eating well is key to maintaining your healthy – do so by not only eating nutritious food but also eating properly and mindfully. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach and always make sure you visit the supermarket with a list!

Hit The Snooze Button
… Maybe not if it’s going to make you late for work! But definitely make sure to clock in more sleeping time now that the long, balmy nights of summer have gone. Sleep deprivation can wreck havoc on your health and weight by slowing down your metabolism and messing with your nightly hormones. Without adequate sleep we produce more Ghrelin (which tells us when to eat) and less Leptin (when tells us when to stop eating). Sounds like a recipe for disaster right there!

Up Your Immunity
Limit your sugar intake and eat simply and nutritiously to keep the flu bugs well at bay. Consider adding nature’s own ‘immunity boosters’ to your cooking and daily routine: ginger warms the body and helps break down the accumulation of toxins in the organs, Japanese mushroom (shiitake, enoki or oyster) are great for kicking a cold and apart from adding a pop of flavour, garlic can stimulate the multiplication of infection-fighting white blood cells and increase the efficiency of our antibody production.

By Joanna Mok for Cambridge Weight Plan

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