5 Couple Intimacy Treatments

Every year, Valentine’s Day provides people with the perfect opportunity to celebrate love. Whether you and your loved one have been together for years or just been dating for a while, it is important to make this day extra special.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the absolute unique treatments you can do this Love month.

1. De-stress with Ice Bath Therapy

One of the greatest benefits of ice bath is this treatment makes the body feel good and relaxed. It also reduces inflammation and improves recovery by changing the way blood and other fluids flow through your body.

Brian Lai, Primal Breathwork founder, will introduce you to breathwork and how it challenges the body by being exposed to different stresses and stimuli, which makes both of you more resilient from various challenges as a couple.

Other benefits include:

⦁ Helps your central nervous system

⦁ Limits the inflammatory response

⦁ Decreases the effect of heat and humidity

2. Symphonic union of love with Tibetan Singing Bowl

Meditate in deep relaxation with Tibetan singing bowl, a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. It promotes relaxation and offer powerful healing properties.

With Mona Choi, our massage therapist, you will experience a complete healing treatment as a couple in one energetic body, creating balance between feminine and masculine energies. Feel the effects of the treatment for several days which can foster healthy emotional connection with your loved one.

Other benefits include:

• Relaxation & deep sleep
• Drainage
• Rejuvenation
• Support for healing for various health and emotional issues
• Meditation
• Balanced chakras
• Increased life force energy
• Mental clarity

3. Strengthening emotional connection with Hypnotherapy

On the point of view of our intuitive hypnotherapist, Aldo Privileggi, relationships are one the most important and precious things in our lives, but long-term commitment can be challenging at times.

Out of nowhere, we find ourselves stuck in old subconscious patterns of blaming, projecting or resenting. These unconscious behaviours that bubble up to the surface can be destructive and long term damaging to our loved ones and our relationships with them.

However, we can make this challenge so much more enjoyable and smoother when we have more awareness of what we bring to the relationship and what we need from the relationship and how this unconscious self-sabotage pattern can ruin great potential of love.

Relationship hypnotherapy counselling is a fantastic and effective way of dissolving these issues quickly which in the long run, foster love and intimacy within our relationship.

4. Ignite your Relationship spark with Counseling

Healthy relationship requires healthy communication, indeed it takes two to tango. If you are looking for positive ways to reinforce your relationship, having a set time and space each week for you and your partner to express your thoughts and feelings can help paint the path towards the direction you want to take as a couple.

Our Mental Health Counsellor, Katrine Cheng acts as a guide through this process by shining a light on aspects of your relationship that you may not be seeing and providing an objective outside perspective.

She mentioned other benefits including:

– Help you regulate your emotions when there is a relationship distress.
– Help you to get your underlying emotions and neglected needs being understood by your partner.
– Help you and your partner to better prepare to cope with stressful events and conflict.
– Help you and your partner to know more about the key to relationship satisfaction

5. Relax unwind and give you and your partner the gift of relaxation – Couple’s Massage

Indulge in the experience of relaxation and pamper your beloved by having a couples’ massage with Hafsa Khan. This shared experience provides a myriad of health benefits. It allows both of you to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, lowers your heart rate, loose the need to participate in physical activity or anxious thinking, and experience peace and tranquility in the presence of your loved one.

When you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that creates a sense of affection and love. Love is literally in the air (and the bloodstream) which increases affection & connection within the relationship.

Other benefit includes:

Lower stress and anxiety
Encourages intimacy
Reset your emotions

These romantic ideas can be used year-round so feel free to shower your sweetheart in affection any day of the year. And if you’re looking for unique valentine’s gift this year, we’ve listed perfect ways to speak your significant other’s love language.

⦁ Jade Roller – Helps brightening your complexion, reducing puffiness, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and improve blood circulation

⦁ Bask – Stylishly designed mask accessory that allows you to breathe in freshness under your mask

⦁ Color LED mask – It is helpful for firming, toning and reducing fine lines

⦁ Essential oils – Aromatherapy benefits that create a sense of calm

⦁ Test Kits – identify hormonal imbalances for customized specialized treatment


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