4 Holotropic Breathwork Experiences for You

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Transpersonal psychology has documented four types of experiences that you can access when through Holotropic Breathwork or Transcendental Breathwork.

Physico-somatic Experience

Physico somatic experience is characterized by feeling some sensations in the body. These could include but not limited to tingling needles and pins, hot/cold, waves of energy, vibrations, lightness/heaviness, spontaneous movements. When this happens, it’s just the body’s readjustment to the effects of holotropic breathwork .

Holotropic breathwork also enables us to access physical memories including past injuries, complete our injury recovery and get rid of recurrent pain.

Perinatal Experience

Perinatal experience refers to accessing the pre-birth and birth memories.

As a baby we all pass through a very strong and impactful birth process, and the memory we keep from this process is influencing our psyche.

The birth process is made of four phases:

1 Floating in the womb as in paradise

2 Locked in a painful and scary trap when the contractions start and the canal is not open yet.

3 Fighting to escape when the Canal opens and the expulsion starts

4 Achieving the process and (re)birthing to a new aerial life

We are all influenced by, and we can relive one of these phases or the complete process(Rebirthing) to clear the subconscious influence of theses memories. This is one of the experiences that we can access through holotropic breathwork

Biographic Experience

Biographic experience refers to the accessing of the subconscious mind

We can reach our childhood memories, relive it from a different perspective, integrate it and release blockages:

  • Emotional blockages: repressed anger, fear, sadness, desires, joy etc
  • Psychosomatic blockages : skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome, headache, asthma, nails biting etc.
  • Compulsive repetitive behaviour: quit the patterns/loops we are again and again unconsciously reproducing
  • Understand limiting beliefs.

Transpersonal/Transcendental Experience

Transcendental Breathwork Experience refers to the accessing of the superconscious mind

We can enter a realm of experiences that transcend space and time:

  • Journey to different times and places
  • Consciousness expansion                               
  • Other type of consciousness identification
  • Spiritual insights, connectedness, unconditional love etc
  • Intuition, creativity


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