4 Deep Tissue Sports Massage Benefits

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Are you experiencing tension build up in the back or legs after a long time sitting at your work desk, intense exercising or playing sports? If so, then you might need a sports massage to soothe the pain.

Sports massage has been used by physical therapists and other alternative medicine practitioners as a treatment for musculoskeletal injuries due to sports. Experts also use this as a method to help them prepare for intense competitions. Seasoned athletes and even those who are newbies often depend on sports massage to improve their performance. However, the benefits of sports massage is not limited to them. It benefits anyone and everyone who wants to heal their overused muscles and relax the body.

Here are the four primary reasons why you need a sports massage:

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1.Pain Reduction

Whether acute or chronic pain in our musculoskeletal system, it affects our body movements and limits our movements. Pain can be due to tight and damaged muscles which need to be rehabilitated or released. In addition to sports massage, some athletes also find deep tissue massage to be helpful to health tensed muscles that hold on to toxic products or wastes like lactic acid. Sports massage along with deep tissue massage can  help get the nutrients and fluids flowing. These therapies will also help our body to release our own natural endorphins.

2. Stiffness and Tension Relief

Sports massage is effective in stretching and warming the stiff and tensed tissues. It boosts blood flow to the musculoskeletal system, thus allowing the muscles to be more flexible and move easily.

3. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Prevention

Also known as DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is used to describe the stiff feeling that we normally experience after strenuous exercise routines. It can be experienced days or hours after the exercise. Sports massage is effective in preventing this condition before we experience discomfort and tension in the muscle.

4. Mood Improvement and Anxiety Reduction

Being an athlete is not just about physical strength. Mental fitness is also crucial to an athlete’s success. Sports massage especially when combined with deep tissue massage boosts mind-body connection as the latter releases mood-enhancing chemicals in our body such as serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are what we need to reduce anxiety and improve athletes’ calmness, focus and clarity.

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As we believe in holistic health, our clinical practice promotes sports massage and deep tissue massage to ensure that athletes are prepared for intense competitions and exercises both physically and mentally. We have physical therapists who are masters and experts not just in sports massage but also in other alternative treatments that can address chronic pain, sports injuries and stress by eliminating blockages in our mind body connection. Hafsa Khan has years of experience in this field. Contact us and she will gladly help you in your sports and fitness journey.



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