destress program


STEP 1: Healing Reflection

Stress management starts in your head! That is the reason why your personal Destress-Program starts with a one-hour Holistic Health Consultation. You will talk with a professional holistic health counsellor to identify the sources of stress in your life. Reflect on your current situation and lifestyle and learn from a different point of view. You will be taught how to avoid and how to read your body’s signs of stress. Develop a different mindset with which you can conquer the world’s challenges!

Holistic Health Consultation
Your Stress Profile–Easy Questionnaire
HRV Stress Assessment


STEP 2: Instant Relaxation

Help your body to unlock and release the stress that has accumulated in your tissues, muscles and organs. Unlock the blockages in your body and let the energy flow again smoothly. Depending on your preferences and needs you are free to choose three Relaxation Treatments from the thoroughly selected list:



STEP 3: Deep Release

Slow down and become master of your mind and body. This is the key discipline of stress management and an indispensable part of our Destress-Program. We want to empower you, so that you are able to apply the learned techniques anywhere and anytime. Depending on your interest and preference you can choose one private class from the thoughtful compiled list of exercises:

Qi Gong


Daily Support

After your enriching Holistic Health Consultation you will not only leave with a personalized plan in your hands, but also with well chosen products to support your daily life and mental state.

○ Balance Health's Destress Tea
Benzoin Essential Body Oil
○ HK$300 Coupon for any treatment at Balance Health

How does it work?

Our special and unique Destress-Program consists of five treatments spread over one month, which are individually customized to fit your personal needs and preferences.

On top of that you receive thoroughly selected products to support your daily well-being at home and on the go.

Package includes:

○ 2 Consultations
○ 2 Treatments
○ 1 Private Class

Package price: HK$5,980

Make the first step into your stress-free future and book your individual Destress-Package at Balance Health!


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