3 Powerful Ways for Women to Unwind From Home

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Are you often stuck at home stressed, frustrated, depressed, and wishing you were able to just unwind, relax and boost your mood?

Tragically, due to the pandemic, lockdowns, and travel restrictions people’s mental and physical health are being impacted at the moment.
Many people are feeling increasingly low, frustrated, anxious, and afraid. Even their sleep is disturbed, their work and home relationships are being tested and they’re feeling uncertain about the future. 
Can you relate to some of this? If you can, then fortunately the good news is your health and wellbeing doesn’t have to suffer! 
I can’t bring you the exotic locations, palm trees, or sandy beaches to relax and chill by of course! But, what I can bring to the comfort and convenience of your own home or office are 3 Powerful Ways to Unwind From Home.
So give them a go. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results you get. 

1. Chillax with a soothing, mood-boosting self-facial

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Ever wonder why, apart from enhancing your looks, Spa facials feel so great? Well, I can tell you that recent groundbreaking neuroscience tells us that when gentle strokes are applied to the face, huge amounts of slow, calming Delta waves are produced. More than any other part of the body! Interestingly also, the feel-good hormones of Serotonin and Oxytocin are greatly increased.
Brain science shows us that massaging the face alongside specific, calming visualizations greatly reduces elements of our stress, worry, and anxiety. This allows you to boost your mood and chillax! Facials feel great of course when performed by another, but you will benefit in many ways by applying this simple and relaxing process to yourself. Are you ready for some bliss?
● Bring to mind some mild stress, anxiety, or worry
● Dim the room lights and sit or lie down comfortably 
● Apply moisturizer to your face if you want, and close your eyes
● Now importantly – clear your mind – put that stress, anxiety, worry out of your mind as you…
● With both hands, gently and soothingly use your fingertips to smooth across your forehead, from the center out and down the sides of your face 
● Do this for approx 1 minute as you also…
● Imagine it’s a beautiful day and you’re walking calmly along a beach. What would you see, hear and feel as you do so? Imagine and feel the relaxation as you walk
● Next gently apply, soothing strokes to the areas under your eyes, out across your cheeks 
● Do this for approx 1 minute as you also…
● Imagine you’ve been given a beautiful bunch of 20 flowers. Imagine happily putting the flowers one at a time into a vase. Look how beautiful they are, how beautiful they smell
● Next gently apply soothing strokes as above to both the forehead, sides of face, and cheeks
● Do this for approx 1 minute as you also…
● Imagine it’s a beautiful day and you’re walking calmly in nature, or once again on a beach
Repeat the whole process again or as often you want and feel your stress melt away! Open your eyes. Think back to that stress, anxiety, or worry you had. Does it now seem less of a problem?

2. Zen and Centered

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This simple, proven and powerful Heart Focused Breathing and the positive feeling process will allow you to become more centered, peaceful, relaxed, less reactive to situations, and sleep more soundly. 
It will also allow you to feel more appreciation, love, care, and gratitude in your life. And fortunately, you can discreetly perform this easy exercise anytime, anywhere to feel more in control. 
Importantly also, this gentle process has many physiological health benefits. It significantly raises your anti-aging hormone D.H.E.A, lengthens life-enhancing Telomeres, lowers your Cortisol and Adrenaline, helps balance your autonomic nervous system, promotes heart coherence, and improves Heart Rate Variability – the intervals between heartbeats that boost heart health.


Other benefits include:

● Hooks up and connects all your energy circuits
● Improves digestion and lessens heartburn
● Improves overall health and increases longevity
● Improves mental and emotional clarity
● Quicker recovery from stress 
● Control of heart rhythm to achieve optimal performance e.g in sports
● Creates a greater sense of inner control
● Restore patience and emotional balance
8 Steps To Becoming Zen And Centered 

1. Sit or lie comfortably
2. Bring your attention to your heart and place a hand over your heart area
3. Imagine gently breathing through the heart area 
4. With your tongue placed behind your top front teeth breathe in gently through your nose for a count of 5 seconds
5. With your tongue resting gently behind your bottom teeth breathe out gently through your mouth for 5 seconds
6. Perform this for a minute or two then…
7. As you continue breathing in this way bring to mind a positive thought, feel a positive emotion such as appreciation, gratitude, care, compassion, love for someone or something – yourself, a loved one, a pet, a thing, a place
8. Maintain this breathing, positive feeling for approx 5 minutes. You can do this 3 times daily 

3. Switch off over-thinking and Sleep Better

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Sometimes, when we lie in bed it can be difficult to switch off our thoughts, that annoying, sleep-disturbing internal dialogue in our head that’s constantly chattering loudly away to us. 
Maybe we’re worrying about our children or grandchild, our relationships, our work. 
Of course, it can be useful sometimes to review the day and think about things. But, there’s a time and place for that, e.g. before retiring to bed! Not late at night when we need to rest and sleep. 
So, if over thinking, worrying about things is preventing you from sleeping, from getting a good night’s sleep, then it’s about time you took control of how you and your brain operate!
Doing this exercise will allow you to get and stay asleep faster, easier, and for longer. Feel more rested, refreshed, and alert the next day and feel more grounded, focused, and productive at work.
5 steps to a better, quieter night’s sleep 
1. Focus on some internal chatter, some unwanted worry, or anxiety. Something that isn’t helpful.

2. Now notice the location of where that inner voice is coming from. Is it coming from the front of your head? The back? The left or right side? Also, notice, is it a loud voice? Is it fast-talking? A harsh tone? Notice what you notice about it.

3. Now imagine you can move the location of that internal chatter. So, if it was coming from the front of your head, imagine moving it to the back of your head. If it was coming from the left side, imagine moving it to the right. In other words, move the location of your internal voice to a different location in your head. And notice how different it feels when you do that. 

4. How does that worry, that over-thinking feel? Does it feel better? Quieter? Not so important? Well keep it there! Worse? Move it back to its original location, or again move it to another location to try. For many, by simply moving the location in your head of that internal dialogue, thoughts lessen.

5. Okay, let’s see if we can make it even better. Wherever it’s now located, imagine you can control the volume, speed, and tone of that internal voice. Imagine that internal voice in a very quiet, slow, sleepy, yawny voice. How does that make you feel? Not so bothered? More relaxed, sleepier? 


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