I’d hardly slept for 18 months’-3 hours of hypnosis cured my insomnia.

Hong Kong being one of top 5 cities in the world for highest insomnia cases, on a weekly basis, new patients come in seeking treatment for insomnia. According to Aldo Privileggi, Hypnotherapist at Balance Health, most clients have a history of experimenting with various other methods. Most individuals have either been on or are still on, some form of prescribed sleeping medicine to help conquer insomnia. Relying on sleeping tablets, or even natural ones such as melatonin on a consistent basis can have negative side effects on the mind, body and energy system. Rather than acting as a form to overcome insomnia, these methods act as an easy solution to achieve a state of feeling a form of quality sleep, rather than a long-term preventative.

Restless sleep, wandering nocturnal minds, we’ve all been there one time or another.
Let’s recognize the four stages of sleep:

1. Thinking
2. Fantasy
3. Hypnoidal
4. Unconscious Sleep

Individuals who have difficulty falling asleep have great difficulty transitioning from the state of thinking about fantasy, or they simply stay in the wandering thinking stage far too long. This tends to be the case due to stress, worrisome thoughts, or unfamiliar feelings and thoughts that are beyond the control their own mind. Aldo Privileggi highlights the importance for someone that is having difficulty falling sleep to begin visualizing or imagining a state of fantasy. The state of fantasy needs to be thoughts associated with relaxation. Where do you want to take the mind on a journey to?

Hypnotherapy utilizes the part of the mind that combines images and relaxation as the primary tool. Hypnotherapy is gaining more realization of its benefits and more popularity as a natural alternative choice for insomnia with effective results. Hypnotherapy tackles on any potential causes for sleeping distress by addressing the root causes, guiding individuals to relax their way into a state of higher quality sleep.