2020 – Use Numerology to Plan your Next Decade

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Numerology can be a great tool to provide guidance to ourselves and to help focus our mind on trajectories and pathways into our personal future. We will know what is coming up, we can think of how to align with our future story and thereby discover life fulfillment and purpose.

If 2019 was playful, 2020 is the time to get organized

In Numerology 2019 has been a year of “3”. It was playful, free-flowing, creative and we were somewhat consciously disorganized in order to try out new things and push our own boundaries.

The year of 2020 however is a “4” and that means it’s time to clean our garden. We should get re-organized, get focused, and plant our garden for the future.

Key Themes of 2020

There are four themes that will play a significant role in this year:

ORGANIZE – we want to be very organized this year, have a framework and bring in a level of structure in how we approach our daily life and our long-term goals

PLAN – this is a year to plant the seeds for the future and doing that in a very conscious and deliberate manner; what is your big vision for yourself in the next decade? In your business or at work, how can you help clients and colleagues to better plan their future?

NEUTRAL MIND – a successful plan requires a neutral mind; take a step back, take a look at the bigger picture, avoid being too optimistic or too pessimistic and just see things as they are. Meditation will be popular this year as it’s a great tool to empty your mind and bring yourself to a state of deep peace and tranquility. Allow wisdom and insight to emerge from an empty and neutral mind.

LOVE & COMPASSION – plant the seeds in your garden wisely by letting go of judgment of others and more importantly yourself; cultivate loving and compassionate relationships with yourself and with people around you. Use compassion as a guide when unsure.

Align your personal Numerology year

While the influence of 2020 and the “4” is felt by everyone globally, it’s important to also understand your personal year and create alignment and smoothness between the two.

How to calculate your personal year: Take the sum of the digits of 2020 + the month of your birth + the day of birth
(Example: Born on 15 April = 2+0+2+0+1+5+4 = 1+4 = 5)

The following are some key themes in order to align your personal year to the global 2020 year of “4”:

1 and 4: Plan and put in structure for your new 9-year life cycle

2 and 4: Plan for your relationship and meditate for a deep spiritual connection

3 and 4: Find the right balance between planning and enjoying the flow, between structure and the spontaneous

4 & 4: Become the master of planning and structure

5 & 4: Plan your travel, try teaching and bring discipline to your exercise routine

6 & 4: Plan for your home, make your home a temple for your own healing and spiritual growth

7 & 4: Structured communication – express your message through writing, speaking, or performances

8 & 4: A powerful energetic year to leverage organization and structure to push your life or your business to a new high

9 & 4: Surrender completely at the end of a 9-year cycle; master what can be mastered, stay neutral and non-attached throughout the process of finishing the cycle and stay curious and full of wonder what awaits you in the next 9-year cycle

Numerology – a great tool to organize our life and get aligned with our life purpose


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